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Fitness Fashion: Then and Now

With more active wear options than ever before, fitness fashion is in right now, and not just at the gym. Walking on a Cloud explores some of the most popular fitness fashions over the years, as well as what popular items are in workout wardrobes of the modern day.

The 1930s and 1950s

Fitness was dominated mostly by men since women of this period were encouraged to be feminine, not muscular.

The 50s and 60s

Fitness TV emerged, which allowed people to exercise in the privacy of their own homes.

The 1970s and 1980s

Physical fitness became a chance to showcase style and status. Leg-warmer clad women dressed in neon thong leotards worked for the burn but also to maintain their image.

The 1990s

Fitness research inspired a back-to-basics approach to working out. Group fitness took the place of high-tech gym equipment, and fun matching tracksuits and cropped tank tops were the trending fitness fashions.

Early 2000s

The new millennium brought an explosion of workout options with the growth of activities from cycling to kickboxing to Pilates—all of which demanded fresh fitted outerwear. This decade introduced us to yoga pants and the phenomenon known as “yoga booty.”


Moisture-wicking, breathability, built-in support, and performance optimization all dominate fitness fashion criteria now, as we focus attention toward technology-infused fitness wear to maximize results.

Fit Chic: Gym Trends Today

Yoga: Functional Materials for Sustained Ananda (Bliss)

See-through pants aren’t functional during a yoga class, so while you shop for a stretchy, fitted material, also test the sheerness of clothing.

Stay centered following your yoga sessions with Ecco shoes, which support your foot’s natural position and stride, helping you maintain balance long after hanging up your yoga mat.


Running: Reflective and Brightly Colored Gear

Reflective and bright clothing for running is very popular right now, plus it’s a great safety measure! The key to wearing neon pants and shoes without it looking over the top is to balance out the bright pieces and patterns with solid colors.

Try fun neon-colored New Balance running shoes that also provide optimal performance, fit, quality, and comfort for a range of physical demands.


Outdoor Fitness: The Right Materials for Extreme Weather

The right materials for outdoor winter activities are waterproof,breathable, wind-resistant.

Geox provides fashionable fitness footwear featuring waterproof, breathable soles, shock absorption, and support.


Endurance Training: Compression Clothing

Compression clothing is made of thick, breathable materials designed mostly for endurance training. This clothing helps you stay active longer by preventing cramps and increasing the blood flow throughout the body.

Pair high-performance compression socks with Merrell shoes, which offer shock-absorbing technology and cushioning that reduces foot fatigue.


Gym Fashion: Stylish and Funky Active Accessories

Headbands, jewelry, gym bags, beanies, and the whole assortment of activewear accessories aren’t just functional these days—they’re stylish too.

Walking on a Cloud offers a wide variety of fitness and fashion footwear to keep you going whether you’re getting through the work day, enduring the burn of a group fitness class, or exploring the trails. Take care of your mind, body, and spirit by gearing up with the right activewear to fuel your fitness habits.

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