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  1. New Bradley Walk Black
    Bradley Walk Black

    by Clarks Men's Style # 26153332 Sku # CLABRADLEYW01

  2. Giselle Sea Black Su
    Giselle Sea Black Su

    by Clarks Women's Style # 26164789 Sku # CLAGISELLESEA01

  3. Giselle Sea Navy Su
    Giselle Sea Navy Su

    by Clarks Women's Style # 26164791 Sku # CLAGISELLESEA03

  4. Giselle Sea Sand Seu
    Giselle Sea Sand Seu

    by Clarks Women's Style # 26165149 Sku # CLAGISELLESEA08

  5. Kyarra Faye White
    Kyarra Faye White

    by Clarks Women's Style # 26171238 Sku # CLAKYARRAF09

  6. Bradley Step Black
    Bradley Step Black

    by Clarks Men's Style # 26153157 Sku # CLABRADLEYS01

  7. Wellmen Trail Tan
    Wellmen Trail Tan

    by Clarks Men's Style # 26168719 Sku # CLAWELLMANT06

  8. Bradley Step Brown
    Bradley Step Brown

    by Clarks Men's Style # 26153159 Sku # CLABRADLEYS02

  9. Bradley Vibe Black
    Bradley Vibe Black

    by Clarks Men's Style # 26153158 Sku # CLABRADLEYV01

  10. Bradley Vibe Tan
    Bradley Vibe Tan

    by Clarks Men's Style # 26154364 Sku # CLABRADLEYV02

  11. UnBrawley Lace Black
    UnBrawley Lace Black

    by Clarks Men's Style # 26151336 Sku # CLAUNBRAWLEYP01

  12. UnBrawley Step Black
    UnBrawley Step Black

    by Clarks Men's Style # 26151788 Sku # CLAUNBRAWLEYS01

  13. Wave 2 Vibe Black
    Wave 2 Vibe Black

    by Clarks Men's Style # 26155110 Sku # CLAWAVE2VIBE01

  14. Whiddon Cap Dark Tan
    Whiddon Cap Dark Tan

    by Clarks Men's Style # 26152913 Sku # CLAWHIDDONC06

  15. UnBrawley Lace Mahog
    UnBrawley Lace Mahog

    by Clarks Men's Style # 26151789 Sku # CLAUNBRAWLEYP02

  16. Wellmen Trail Black
    Wellmen Trail Black

    by Clarks Men's Style # 26168235 Sku # CLAWELLMANTOP01

  17. Wave 2 Edge Black
    Wave 2 Edge Black

    by Clarks Men's Style # 26155106 Sku # CLAWAVE2EDGE01

  18. Airabell Zip Black
    Airabell Zip Black

    by Clarks Women's Style # 26163310 Sku # CLAAIRABELLZ01

  19. Breeze Ave White
    Breeze Ave White

    by Clarks Women's Style # 26165264 Sku # CLABREEZEAVE09

  20. Breeze Bali Black
    Breeze Bali Black

    by Clarks Women's Style # 26168954 Sku # CLABREEZEB01

  21. Cora Harbor Black
    Cora Harbor Black

    by Clarks Women's Style # 26168467 Sku # CLACORAH01

  22. Ezera Walk Black
    Ezera Walk Black

    by Clarks Women's Style # 26163798 Sku # CLAEZERAW01

  23. Jenette Ruby Black
    Jenette Ruby Black

    by Clarks Women's Style # 26167960 Sku # CLAJENETTER01

  24. Jenette Ruby Pewter
    Jenette Ruby Pewter

    by Clarks Women's Style # 26168098 Sku # CLAJENETTER12

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Items 1-24 of 100


Clarks Shoes is well-known for providing comfortable, high-quality shoes for both men and women. A Clarks shoe is hand-crafted and durable, capable of lasting for as long as you need the footwear. Each product is specially designed to provide a breathable, comfortable shoe that is made using the most socially responsible processes available.

Women’s Shoes

The array of Clarks shoes for women available includes both dressy and casual shoes. These shoes are defined by their elegance, even when they are intended for informal use. The leather and fabric used is of the highest quality and the soles are designed for comfort and provide as little slippage as possible. Sandals, close-toed casual shoes, and heels are all available as options. Most of the Clarks women’s shoes in stock are crafted with ActiveAir technology, which provides enhanced air circulation. This keeps your feet cool and comfortable during hot periods, which minimizes sweat, rubbing, and other problems that can lead to callouses or worse when wearing shoes for a long period of time.

Men’s Shoes

Clarks shoes for men provide a similar range as women’s shoes, but have a more rugged appearance to them that allows them to be used in work environments. The Clarks men’s shoes available range from loafers and footwear used in the office or at home to sneakers and work shoes that can take all kinds of different weather without wearing down. Whether you want shoes for work or for play, the options are virtually endless.

All shoes from Clarks provide a distinctive look and a wide range of flexibility. The designs of each piece of footwear include classic looks for those who want something that feels timeless to modern designs that represent the latest in fashion trends. These shoes are all crafted using natural materials, so you can help the environment at the same time you care for your feet.

Looking for the Right Shoe Design? Try These Clark Shoes!

Clarks Shoes offers something for just about every occasion. Perhaps you have a particular need in mind. Here are a few suggestions that will help.

Do you like a lower heel while you are at work? There are plenty of Clarks shoes for women that will work with your business attire. Take a close look at the Neenah. This simple slip-on design includes a slightly pointed toe that provides a timeless look. There is just enough heel to please those who prefer to stay away from high heels but don’t like the idea of spending the day in flats.

Try the basic black to begin and then branch out into other color choices.

Would you like something with a higher heel while still keeping that professional look? Consider the Tarah Grace. Like the Neenah, this shoe sports a simple design that fits right in with many of your work outfits. Slip in with ease and enjoy the height that the chunky heel provides. This design will look particularly well with a tailored business suit. Basic black will take you many places, so begin with that color option.

The men are also covered with Clarks brands of shoes. Dressy casual days call for footwear that still indicates professionalism.

Consider buying a pair of Clarkdale Jeans. These lace-up shoes will look great with slacks or jeans, come in basic black, and provide additional support for the ankle. The heel is the typical height for a pair of men’s dress shoes. Best of all, they feel great on your feet even if you are standing most of the day.

If you want something that’s a little more casual, consider the Trapell Pace in tan. This lace-up design is great for a casual day. Pair the shoes with jeans or khakis for a well-groomed look. The comfortable fit will ensure your feet are supported throughout the workday.

If the plan is to meet up with friends after work, there’s no need to change shoes. The Trapell Pace will keep your feet happy until you get home. Thanks to the high quality leather used for this design, you will have no trouble keeping them looking great for a long time.

Settle into a favorite chair today and browse through all the great options for Clark shoes today. Sort by gender, size and price without any fuss. You are sure to find at least one or two pairs that are exactly what you need.

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