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  1. P Vallarta Orchid
    P Vallarta Orchid

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # 655-0575 Sku # PIK655_0575_14

  2. P Vallarta Brandy
    P Vallarta Brandy

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # 656-0906 Sku # PIK655_0906_06

  3. Le Mans Arcilla
    Le Mans Arcilla

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # 838-8990 Sku # PIK838_8990_10

  4. Pompeya Cuero
    Pompeya Cuero

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # W9T-8594 Sku # PIKW9T_8594_06

  5. Daroca Brandy
    Daroca Brandy

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # W1U-8774 Sku # PIKW1U_8774_06

  6. Rotterdam Lead Olmo
    Rotterdam Lead Olmo

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # 902-9627 Sku # PIK902_9627_05

  7. Rotterdam Black
    Rotterdam Black

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # 902-8890 Sku # PIK902_8890_01

  8. Zaragoza Black
    Zaragoza Black

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # W9H-8907 Sku # PIKW9H_8907_01

  9. Jerez Champagne
    Jerez Champagne

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # 578-7399CL Sku # PIK578_7399CL

  10. Mykonos Brandy
    Mykonos Brandy

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # W1G-1788C1 Sku # PIKW1G_1788C1

  11. Gomera Sandia
    Gomera Sandia

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # W6R-5875 Sku # PIKW6R_5875_10

  12. P Vallarta Sandia
    P Vallarta Sandia

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # 655-0732C5 Sku # PIK655_0732C510

  13. Gomera Brandy
    Gomera Brandy

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # W6R-5875 Sku # PIKW6R_5875_06

  14. Baqueira Lead Black
    Baqueira Lead Black

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # W9H-8733SO Sku # PIKW9M_8733SO_5

  15. Baquera Cuero
    Baquera Cuero

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # W9M-8563SO Sku # PIKW9M_8563_06

  16. Zaragoza Black
    Zaragoza Black

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # W9H-8800 Sku # PIKW9H_8800_01

  17. Ordino Stone
    Ordino Stone

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # W8M-8692SO Sku # PIKW8M_8692SO_7

  18. Alcudia Cuero
    Alcudia Cuero

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # W1L-0512C2 Sku # PIKW1L_0512C26

  19. P Vallarta Ivory
    P Vallarta Ivory

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # 655-8899C1 Sku # PIK655_8899C1_6

  20. P Vallarta Brandy
    P Vallarta Brandy

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # 655-0518 Sku # PIK655_0518_06

  21. Vera Lace Brandy
    Vera Lace Brandy

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # W4L-6612 Sku # PIKW4L_6612_06

  22. P Vallarta Navy Blue
    P Vallarta Navy Blue

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # 655-0732C5 Sku # PIK655_0732C5_3

  23. Mykonos Brandy
    Mykonos Brandy

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # W1G-0757C2 Sku # PIKW1G_0757C26

  24. P Vallarta Cactus
    P Vallarta Cactus

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # 655-0575 Sku # PIK655_0575_15

Set Ascending Direction

Items 1-24 of 80


Pikolinos shoes

Now in its fourth decade of production, there is no doubt that Pikolinos shoes have become one of the most popular brands in North America as well as the more than 60 nations where the shoes are available. The success of Pikolinos shoes is based on two important elements: quality materials and designs that attract the attention of buyers.

Those designs include styles that work well in just about any setting. There are casual Pikolinos shoes that are perfect for enjoying a day out when the weather is warm. You’ll also find boots that keep your feet warm during the coldest January evening. Other designs for Pikolinos shoes are perfect for the workplace while still others are rugged enough to take you across the roughest hiking trail.

While the wider range of styles is one appealing aspect of Pikolinos shoes, it’s the durability that keeps bringing customers back. The choice of top materials ensures that every pair will wear well for a long time. The fact that those materials also make Pikolinos shoes so comfortable also helps. To round out the production process, care is taken with every stitch. Quality control processes at the point of production also ensures that the Pikolinos shoes must meet the company’s standards before they are released to any of the thousands of points of sale.

Have you ever tried a pair of Pikolinos shoes? If not, today is the perfect time to invest in that first pair. Take the time to browse all the different designs and find something you can wear for spending time out with friends, going on a long weekend camping trip, or select a pair that will look great in the office. Once you realize how comfortable and stylish Pikolinos shoes happen to be, you will never want to trust your feet to another brand.

Pikolinos was founded in 1984 by its current president Juan Peran Ramos. The main idea behind the company’s creation was to create unique shoes by developing products with innovative designs and of an outstanding quality. Right from the beginning these core concepts, together with the integration of cutting-edge technology, have continued to inspire the company and to guarantee the creation of shoes of the very highest quality. Today, Pikolinos is present in about 60 countries worldwide and has over 20 official stores and over 8000 points of sale around the world. Pikolinos is one of the leading brands for comfortable shoes.

Shopping Pikolinos Shoes by Brand

For over 30 years, Pikolinos has created unique shoe designs that are ideal for every occasion. The company’s philosophy is based on the concept that comfort and style are not mutually exclusive. Combining an approach that involves using only the best materials while anticipating the tastes of clients, Pikolinos shoes are now available in 60 countries. The company also operates 20 official stores and has in excess of 8000 points of sale around the world. It’s no wonder that women seek out Pikolinos shoes when the time comes for new footwear.

For the Office

Certain occasions call for specific types of shoes. Pikolinos has something that will work for just about any setting or event that one can imagine. Beautifully crafted heels that are perfect for the office are a staple of the line offered for women. From short heels that are practical and offer plenty of comfort to taller heels that look smart with all sorts of business attire, there are lots of options. It won’t be hard to find something that’s flattering, enhances the air of being in control, and provides the support needed to be on the go all day long.

Fun in the Evenings

Once the day is over and it’s time for some fun, there are a number of casual designs to consider. From attractive but durable slip-ons to fun pumps that look great with jeans and other casual attire, there’s something for everyone. Check out the range of colors offered for each style. No matter whether the taste tends to run more toward conservative colors or the occasion calls for something wild and sassy, Pikolinos won’t disappoint.

Spending Time Outdoors

Rugged work boots are not just for men. Women also need something that’s ideal for everything from wilderness hiking to landscaping hilly terrain. Unlike other brands, the detailing on the boots ensures that every element will keep the feet dry and safe no matter what type of conditions are encountered.

Pikolinos places a lot of emphasis on being eco-friendly and using sustainable materials for their shoes and in their manufacturing process. Along with looking great and being ready for any occasion, shoppers can rest easy knowing they are making an environmentally friendly choice.

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