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  1. New Helen Mix Gold
    Helen Mix Gold

    by Mephisto Women's Style # 700002 Sku # MEPHELENMIX15

  2. New Helen Mix
    Helen Mix

    by Mephisto Women's Style # 29653 Sku # MEPHELENMIX16

  3. New Madison Silver
    Madison Silver

    by Mephisto Women's Style # 27668 Sku # MEPMADISON11

  4. New Lucia Black Multi
    Lucia Black Multi

    by Mephisto Women's Style # 6000/29668 Sku # MEPLUCIA01

  5. New Madeline Sea Blue
    Madeline Sea Blue

    by Mephisto Women's Style # 6022N/6045 Sku # MEPMADELINE03

  6. New Madeline White
    Madeline White

    by Mephisto Women's Style # 2830/27668 Sku # MEPMADELINE09

  7. New Match Desert
    Match Desert

    by Mephisto Men's Style # 742 Sku # MEPMATCH06

  8. New Paco Black
    Paco Black

    by Mephisto Men's Style # 1500/1552 Sku # MEPPACO05

  9. New Match Black
    Match Black

    by Mephisto Men's Style # 714 Sku # MEPMATCH01

  10. New Zonder Brown Scratch
    Zonder Brown Scratch

    by Mephisto Style # 3451 Sku # MEPZONDER02

  11. New Harmony Gold
    Harmony Gold

    by Mephisto Women's Style # 700002 Sku # MEPHARMONY12

  12. New Hester Fog
    Hester Fog

    by Mephisto Women's Style # 36634 Sku # MEPHESTER08

  13. New Idelya Black Patent
    Idelya Black Patent

    by Mephisto Women's Style # 1100 Sku # MEPIDELYA31

  14. New Mabel Black
    Mabel Black

    by Mephisto Women's Style # 2800 Sku # MEPMABEL01

  15. Helen Mix Pink
    Helen Mix Pink

    by Mephisto Women's Style # 34398/6018 Sku # MEPHELENMIX17

  16. Huleda Black Multi
    Huleda Black Multi

    by Mephisto Women's Style # 2800/70002 Sku # MEPHULEDA31

  17. Lissia Navy Multi
    Lissia Navy Multi

    by Mephisto Women's Style # 6045/34304 Sku # MEPLISSIA05

  18. Madison Chestnut
    Madison Chestnut

    by Mephisto Women's Style # 3478/2800 Sku # MEPMADISON02

  19. Helen Multicoloured
    Helen Multicoloured

    by Mephisto Women's Style # 57277 Sku # MEPHELEN09

  20. Valerian Graphite
    Valerian Graphite Nubuck Leather Lace-Up Walking Shoe

    by Mephisto Men's Style # VALER25559 Sku # MEPVALERIAN05

  21. Vito Randy Chestnut
    Vito Chesnut Brown Navy Leather Lace-Up Sneaker

    by Mephisto Men's Style # VITO3655 Sku # MEPVITO02

  22. Vito Velsp Mulberry
    Vito Velsp Mulberry Leather Lace-Up Sneaker

    by Mephisto Men's Style # VITO6105 Sku # MEPVITO04

  23. Halina Warm Grey
    Halina Warm Grey Suede Leather Clog

    by Mephisto Women's Style # HALI-62860 Sku # MEPHALINA07

  24. Helen Mix
    Helen Mix Old Pink Metallic Thong Sandal

    by Mephisto Women's Style # HELEN19149 Sku # MEPHELENMIX11

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Items 1-24 of 103

With six decades and counting, Mephisto shoes is one of the most popular brands in the world. from humble beginnings in 1965, this brand offers comfort, support, and style to every person who purchases a pair of sandals or shoes. Is it any wonder that more people turn to Mephisto shoes every year?

How It All Started

Mephisto shoes started out as a local operation in Sarrebourg, France during the middle of the turbulent Sixties. Even as society was changing, people were seeking footwear that was both stylish and casual. The moccasins that soon became the trademark for Mephisto filled the bill perfectly. It didn’t take long for everyone from the counterculture to the establishment to decide that owning a pair of Mephisto shoes was the way to go.

The Sixties may be over, but Mephisto has never been stronger. With a presence in over 800 stores around the world, the brand continues to conquer new territory thanks to sales through certified online outlets. There’s also more styles to choose from these days.

What About Those Styles?

Consumers can still enjoy the classic moccasins that established the name of Mephisto shoes in the minds of baby boomers. There’s also sandals designed for men and women you can consider. People who like to keep things simple will find designs that blend in perfectly with a pair of jeans, walking shorts, or something to slip on so you can enjoy a nice walk on the beach or along the lake.

Women will find many designs for sandals that are appropriate for spring and summer wear. Along with the simple designs like the Helen line, there are others that have a few additional decorating accents. They match well with sun dresses and other comfortable attire suitable for garden parties and other outdoor events that require something a little more dressy. The Minoa line is a great example. Take a look at the different heels used. You can choose flats or go with something that adds a little height.

Men are not left out when it comes to Mephisto shoes. There are also sandals that are perfect for any occasion that calls for a pair of shorts. Many look great with jeans and and a button-down shirt with short sleeves if you want something casual but a little more dressy than shorts and a tee shirt. There are even designs that will work for a casual day at the office. Consider the Hike line from Mephisto. Available in black or brown, these shoes are fine with jeans or casual slacks. Whatever type of activity you have in mind, Mephisto shoes has a solution.

Your Solution for Quality

Care goes into every pair of Mephisto shoes that makes it to the market. Only the best quality materials are used and you can depend on them lasting for a long time. If you’ve never tried a pair of Mephistos before, today is the day to change that.

Mephisto shoes are a result of a combination of the most advanced and the world's finest footwear artisans producing the industry's leading comfort shoes. Mephisto selects the finest leathers and materials and combines them with the best technology to meet the highest standards of excellence for comfort and quality. The technology, materials, construction and quality components used to make every pair are never compromised. In fact, Mephisto shoes have become the most popular walking shoes in virtually every country in which it's been introduced, selling more than 1.5 million pairs annually in Europe alone.

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