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  1. New LT Pro Watercolor
    LT Pro Watercolor

    by Dansko Women's Style # 5200420202 Sku # DANLTPRO32

  2. New Berry Navy
    Berry Navy

    by Dansko Women's Style # 9421541600 Sku # DANBERRY03

  3. New Krystal Black
    Krystal Black

    by Dansko Women's Style # 4521181000 Sku # DANKRYSTAL01

  4. New Krystal Pearl
    Krystal Pearl

    by Dansko Women's Style # 4521610500 Sku # DANKRYSTAL09

  5. New Pace White Yellow
    Pace White Yellow

    by Dansko Women's Style # 4205011717 Sku # DANPACE09

  6. New Tanya Black
    Tanya Black

    by Dansko Women's Style # 1711501600 Sku # DANTANYA01

  7. New Tanya Coral
    Tanya Coral

    by Dansko Women's Style # 1711481600 Sku # DANTANYA10

  8. New Tiffani Black
    Tiffani Black

    by Dansko Women's Style # 1710501600 Sku # DANTIFFANI01

  9. New Tricia Black
    Tricia Black

    by Dansko Women's Style # 1709501600 Sku # DANTRICIA01

  10. New Tricia Blue
    Tricia Blue

    by Dansko Women's Style # 1709541600 Sku # DANTRICIA03

  11. New Tricia Linen
    Tricia Linen

    by Dansko Women's Style # 1709441600 Sku # DANTRICIA07

  12. Lt Pro Twisty Patent
    Lt Pro Twisty Patent

    by Dansko Women's Style # 5200260202 Sku # DANLTPRO34

  13. Pace Black Grey Mesh
    Pace Black Grey Mesh

    by Dansko Women's Style # 4205100294 Sku # DANPACE01

  14. XP 2.0 Lacey
    XP 2.0 Lacey

    by Dansko Women's Style # 3950150202 Sku # DANXP2013

  15. XP 2 Floating Hearts
    XP 2 Floating Hearts

    by Dansko Women's Style # 3950620202 Sku # DANXP2031

  16. Brenna Tan Burnished
    Brenna Tan Burnished

    by Dansko Women's Style # 9431151600 Sku # DANBRENNA06

  17. Penni Rasin Mesh
    Penni Rasin Mesh

    by Dansko Women's Style # 4206454896 Sku # DANPENNI10

  18. Kandi Lemons
    Kandi Lemons Yellow EVA Double Strap Slide Sandal

    by Dansko Women's Style # 4520470100 Sku # DANKANDI14

  19. XP 2.0 Teal Strped
    XP 2.0 Teal Striped Patent Leather Clog

    by Dansko Women's Style # 3950190202 Sku # DANXP2003

  20. LT Pro Hero Patent
    LT Pro Hero Patent Clog

    by Dansko Women's Style # 5200850202 Sku # DANLTPRO31

  21. Profess Color Block
    Professional Colour Block Patent Clog

    by Dansko Women's Style # 706-420202 Sku # DANPROFESS32

  22. Kandi Paisley Floral
    Kandi Pink Paisley Floral EVA Double Strap Slide Sandal

    by Dansko Women's Style # 4520850100 Sku # DANKANDI13

  23. Pace Light Grey Mesh
    Pace Light Grey Mesh Lace-Up Walking Shoe

    by Dansko Women's Style # 4205249369 Sku # DANPACE05

  24. Kandi Pool Floats
    Kandi Pool Floats EVA Double Strap Slide Sandal

    by Dansko Women's Style # 4520520100 Sku # DANKANDI15

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Dansko Shoes

Dansko shoes and clogs for men and women are built for those who spend all day walking or standing. Many Dansko styles carry the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance for promoting good foot health and comfort. With reinforced, roomy toe boxes, deep heel cups, and excellent cushion, Dansko shoes protect feet, legs and back from strain, and allow feet to move freely within the shoe for superior comfort.

Sometimes great ideas come about for reasons that no one could imagine. That’s how Dansko Shoes came to be. It all began with a trip that led to purchasing something that would fill a need later. From there, that purchase served as the inspiration for a brand that more consumers choose to buy with each passing year. Here’s what you should know about Dansko shoes, how the company came about, and what that means for you.

The Inspiration

The history of Dansko Shoes begins in the years before the company was founded. Owners and founders Peter Kjellerup and Mandy Cabot were enjoying a trip to Denmark in the late 1980s. while there, they came across clogs that caught their interest. The design was perfect for what they needed as they cared for and trained horses. Excited, they purchased a few pair and took them home.

Those clogs turned out to be almost perfect for their needs. A few minor tweaks and they would be just what the team needed. As they determined what sort of design modifications would work best, they had an idea. Why modify other clogs if they could create and produce a while new brand?

What started out as an idea for something they could use blossomed into a plan to produce and sell clogs that others would also like. In order to do that, a company had to be formed. That’s when Dansko Shoes became a reality in 1990.

Building a Reputation in the Industry

Launching a new brand means offering consumers a combination of benefits that are not always easy to find elsewhere. That’s why Dansko shoes were a little different from the beginning. Deciding how to design the clogs meant paying close attention to the level of comfort they provide. The shoes also had to provide excellent support and they needed to be attractive enough for people to want them as part of their wardrobes.

Combining all those elements meant choosing the materials carefully. Nothing less than the highest quality would do. The cushioning had to provide the comfort needed to ensure the clogs could be worn all day. The design itself needed to offer plenty of support for the arches, the heels, and even the toes. Doing so added to the comfort and minimized stress on the ankles and legs. Including a slightly raised heel also helped, since it would provide even balance and ease more of the stress that occurs while walking across packed earth or other hard surfaces.

Expanding the Dansko Line

Clogs are still one of the most popular types of Dansko shoes offered today, but they are only part of the company’s line. Over the last couple of decades, the company has expanding the range of styles to include footwear appropriate for many other uses. For example, you can purchase Dansko shoes that are perfect for office wear. There are more casual designs that are ideal when your place of employment tends to have a more relaxed dress code. You can also find shoes that work well when you need to maintain a more formal appearance.

Do you like boots? Dansko Shoes includes a line that comes in a variety of colors and styles. You can find something that’s dressy enough for work, while other designs are ideal for walks in the park, weekend outings with friends, or getting some work done around the house. When you are looking for something that protects the feet during the middle of winter, many of these boot styles are just what you need.

Walking on a Cloud offers a full range of Dansko shoes, clogs, sandals, and boots that need to be part of your wardrobe. Browse today and select a pair to try. Once you see how great they look and feel, investing in a couple more pairs will be an easy decision.
Walking On A Cloud
Terrific deal. It in fact is easy to order from you. I'm absolutely happy. Thanks walkingonacloud.