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  1. New Comfort Arch Footbed
    Comfort Arch Footbed

    by Blundstone Style # SU228-R Sku # BLUCOMFORTARCH

  2. OriginaL Vegan Black
    Original Vegan Black

    by Blundstone Unisex Style # 2115 Sku # BLU211501

  3. Lug Boot Black
    Lug Boot Black

    by Blundstone Style # 2240 Sku # BLU224001

  4. Winter Thermal Black
    Winter Thermal Black

    by Blundstone Women's Style # 2274 Sku # BLU227401

  5. Original Black Prote
    Original Black Prote

    by Blundstone Women's Style # 2206 Sku # BLU220601

  6. Winter Rustic Brown
    Winter Rustic Brown

    by Blundstone Women's Style # 2223 Sku # BLU222302

  7. Classic Navy
    Classic Navy

    by Blundstone Style # 2246 Sku # BLU224603

  8. Heel Shiraz
    Heel Shiraz

    by Blundstone Women's Style # 2060 Sku # BLU206004

  9. Girlfriend Pearl
    Girlfriend Pearl

    by Blundstone Women's Style # 2156 Sku # BLU215608

  10. Original Steel Grey
    Original Steel Grey

    by Blundstone Unisex Style # 2209 Sku # BLU220905

  11. Chissel Toe D Cognac
    Chissel Toe D Cognac

    by Blundstone Unisex Style # 2244 Sku # BLU224406

  12. AT Series Rustic Brn
    Blundstone 2056 - All Terrain Rustic Brown Vibram® Anti-Slip Boot

    by Blundstone Unisex Style # 2056 Sku # BLU205602

  13. AT Series Black
    Blundstone 2058 - All Terrain Black Leather Vibram® Anti-Slip Boot

    by Blundstone Unisex Style # 2058 Sku # BLU205801

  14. AT Series Rustic Blk
    Blundstone 2055 - All Terrain Rustic Black Vibram® Anti-Slip Boot

    by Blundstone Unisex Style # 2055 Sku # BLU205501

  15. Renovat Cream Rustic
    Blundstone Footwear Renovating Leather Cream - Rustic

    by Blundstone Unisex Style # RENOVATING Sku # BLUBRENOVATING

  16. Winter Chisel Black
    Blundstone 1392 - Winter Thermal Dress Rustic Black Boot

    by Blundstone Unisex Style # 1392 Sku # BLU139201

  17. Classic AntiqueBrown
    Blundstone 1609 - Classic Antique Brown Boot

    by Blundstone Unisex Style # 1609 Sku # BLU160902

  18. Low Heel Black
    Blundstone 2068 - Women's Series Low Heel Black Leather Boot

    by Blundstone Women's Style # 2068 Sku # BLU206801

  19. Low Heel Brown
    Blundstone 1970 - Women's Series Low Heel Antique Brown Leather Boot

    by Blundstone Women's Style # 1970 Sku # BLU197002

  20. Low Heel Stone
    Blundstone 1974 - Women's Series Low Heel Stone Nubuck Leather Boot

    by Blundstone Women's Style # 1974 Sku # BLU197407

  21. Low Heel Shiraz
    Blundstone 2176 - Women's Series Low Heel Shiraz Red Boot

    by Blundstone Women's Style # 2176 Sku # BLU217604

  22. Deluxe Poron Footbed
    Deluxe Poron Footbed

    by Blundstone Unisex Style # BLUBPREMIUM Sku # BLUBPREMIUM

  23. Blundstone 1938 - Original Lace-Up Black Leather Boot
    Blundstone 1938 - Original Lace-Up Black Leather Boot

    by Blundstone Unisex Style # 1938 Sku # BLU193801

  24. Blundstone 1937 - Original Lace-Up Rustic Brown Boot
    Blundstone 1937 - Original Lace-Up Rustic Brown Boot

    by Blundstone Unisex Style # 1937 Sku # BLU193702

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With every pair of Blundstone shoes, consumers get to buy a little bit of history. While the company has passe through several hands since it was first formed in 1870. The brainchild of John Blundstone, the first incarnation of the company was known as J. Blundstone and Son. The simple factory was established in Hobart Town and focused on the production of boots. In fact, some of the elements that are so integral to the design of Blundstone shoes today were part of those original styles.

While the company was sold to various buyers throughout the 20th century, some elements never changed. The headquarters is still in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. The style most identified with Blundstone shoes - the elastic sides, lack of laces, and ankle length that has led to the shoes being known as Blunnies - is still the foundation for the line.

The Great Depression threatened to undermine the business, but Blundstone shoes remained in production. With new owners and streamlined operations, loyal customers could still purchase their signature Blundstone shoes throughout the Depression and into the World War II years. More ant to make your own. buyouts meant new owners who continued to improve upon the manufacturing process. Even as the fine-tuned the production, they remained true to the original quality and care that went into every pair of Blundstone shoes.

In recent years, the company opened other facilities in Thailand and India. While Blundstone shoes are produced in those facilities, there is still over 200,000 pairs produced in Tasmania each year.

If you have never owned a pair of Blundstone shoes, today is the ideal time to change that. Take a look at the different designs offered for men, women, and even the unisex line. It won’t take long to find several pairs of Blundstone shoes that you will love.

Because Life's Tough - Since 1870, Blundstone has made the toughest, no nonsense footwear for rural, work and outdoors. Blundstone's Classics and Lifestyle range now incorporates footwear for women, kids, sandals as well as highly versatile walking boots. Blundstone's legendary comfort has now evolved. Blundstone Shoes has an unrivalled technological base, and strong emphasis is placed on technical innovation. Direct sole moulding technologies available include dual density rubber and nitrile rubber. The company's in-house engineering resources are focused on developing improved processes, and building the plant and tooling necessary to implement them. Blundstone footwear - No nonsense, go anywhere, do anything legends.

The Right Choice for Your Next Pair of Shoes or Boots

The long history of Blundstone shoes and boots is only possible because of the quality consumers receive. Are you looking for a new pair of shoes or boots? Do you wonder if trying this brand would be a good idea? Here are a few examples of Blundstone shoes and boots that you should consider for yourself and for other members of the family.

Winter WP R

One of the more popular styles of men’s Blundstone boots, this design offers the benefits of a sleek design paired with excellent arch support. The boots are easy to keep clean and will hold up well in many types of weather. While brown is among the more popular colors for this particular boot, the company does offer several other colors you can consider.

Chisel Toe Crazy H

As the name implies, these Blundstone men’s boots come with a chisel rather than a square toe design. The low heel makes them ideal for wear around the office or out for an evening on the town. As with many of the men’s shoes offered by Blundstone, this design is available in the popular brown and black hues.

Durable materials ensure the boots are easy to keep in great shape and will last for years.

The Original

Are you the type who prefers simplicity? Blundstone boots for men has the perfect answer in The Original design. This no-nonsense boot includes a sole that is slide-resistant even if you are walking across an icy sidewalk. There’s plenty of protection for your feet and a design that will look nice with just about anything you decide to wear.

Lined Unisex Designs

Blundstone boots and shoes also come in designs that are classed as unisex. A good example is the Lined design.

Offering excellent protection during wintry or stormy weather, the shells help to repel precipitation and keep the feet comfortable in any type of weather. Best of all, these Blundstone boots are available in a variety of colors. You can go with the Lined Olive, the Lined Steel Grey, or the Pebble Black or Brown. If there is a color that works best with most of your wardrobe, you can bet that Blundstone has it.

The Girlfriend

When it comes to Blundstone boots for women’s wear, it’s difficult to find a better choice than the Girlfriend.

The simple lines work well with just about any type of casual or dressy casual outfit. The inclusion of soles with an excellent grip make the Girlfriend once of the most practical choices for women’s Blundstones during the winter months. Go with basic black or the deep richness of traditional brown. For a spot of color, you can also go with burgundy.

The Brogue

With excellent ankle and arch support, the Brogue offers all the features of the best Blundstone women’s boots. Great cushioning paired with a sole design to provide plenty of arch support, you can wear these boots for hours and almost forget they are on. Consider going with the Rustic Brodo for those occasions when you want people to notice and admire your good taste in footwear. They’s soon be asking where you found your wonderful Blundstones women’s footwear.

The Original Brown Pink

Durability has long been a standard for Blundstone women’s boots and the Original with a combination of brown and pink is no exception. You’ll find all of the features that consumers have come to expect from Blundstone boots for women. As an all-season boot, only premium leather is used for the shell. A removable footbed ensures that these Blundstone women’s boots are never too hot or too cold on the feet. The steel shank will also help maintain the perfect step flex point. Be on the lookout for Blundstone sale on these boots and make sure you take advantage of it.

The Premium in Burgandy

Looking for discount Blundstone boots? Take a look at The Premium in Burgandy. With an attractive burgandy rub shell, these Blundstone boots for womens use have everything you want: color, style, durability, and comfort. The signature easy slip-on design ensures that you can be ready to leave the home without a minute wasted. All day long, the style will support and cushion the feet no matter what kind of flooring you walk across.

There are plenty of other Blundstone boots for womens wear in all seasons to consider. Take the time today to check out all of the Blundstone boots sale items and see what you can find.Whatever your taste, rest assured there will be at least a few women’s Blundstone boots that will add class and practical function to your footwear collection.

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