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Beautifeel shoes

There was a time when women donned a pair of comfortable shoes to wear during their commutes to work. Once they arrived, the comfortable shoes went into a drawer and a pair of dressy shoes went on the feet. At the end of the day, the process was reversed.

Beautifeel Shoes For The Woman of Distinction

In fact, there are still women who do this today. That’s because they’ve never invested in a pair of Beautifeel shoes. If you are someone who has not yet discovered that there is a brand combining style and comfort, it’s time to learn more about what Beautifeel shoes will mean for you.

Don’t feel alone if you have not heard much about Beautifeel shoes before. Compared to some of the other shoe manufacturers on the market, they haven’t been around that long. The good news is that more people are hearing about Beautifeel women’s shoes and they like what they hear. You too could soon be among the consumers who try Beautifeel shoes for women and decide you need more pairs as part of your personal collection.

The Beginning of a Beautifeel Thing

Around since 1989, the genius behind Beautifeel shoes brought a lot of experience with footwear to the table. Am Bar-Nahor already knew quite a bit about shoes thanks to time spend with Naot. All those wonderful ideas and experience were poured into the creation of the first line that sought to provide women with shoes that included all the style they wanted while still being comfortable enough to wear all day long.

In choosing to establish Beautifeel shoes, Am Bar-Nahor had one simple thought in mind. It’s been shared on social media as well as many places where Beautifeel women’s shoes are sold:

"...women deserve shoes that feel as beautiful as they look, for any time of the day, in any season, or for any occasion..."

The spirit of this quote is often captured with two simple words: dressy comfort. As they imply, the company affirms that women can have it all when it comes to their footwear.

That remains the operating philosophy for the company today. Beautifeel shoes for women are designed to be feel beautiful in terms of comfort as well as appearance. The design choices ensure women have something that’s attractive and feels wonderful whatever the time of day, the season, or the occasion.

This continuing effort to provide footwear for women that’s practical, attractive, and feels good has paid off in a big way. Today, Beautifeel shoes are offered for sale in 17 different countries. Much of the focus is on stores and outlets found in the United States, Canada, Australia, Israel, New Zealand, and Russia. The concept of dressy comfort has spilled over into other brands, but no one does it better than Beautifeel shoes.

Promoting the Vision With Plenty of Style Choices

Women have lives that are filled with all sorts of opportunities, challenges, and events. That’s one of the reasons why Beautifeel shoes seeks to provide footwear designs that are appropriate for just about any occasion or season. The founder along with the employees understand that nothing beats having the right type of Beautifeel women’s shoes to wear for any event. From spending time browsing through thrift shops in search of treasures to standing before a crowd of hundreds and pitching a presentation for a new business contract, having the right type of footwear makes a difference. The goal of Beautifeel shoes for women is to ensure there is always at least one pair of shoes that are just right no matter what.

The range of styles provides something that’s right for just about every taste. Women who prefer to wear traditional business colors to work will find plenty of Beautifeel shoes in basic shades of black, brown, and blue. There are higher heels and lower heels to choose from. If your office environment is more casual, there will be no problem finding Beautifeel shoes with open toes or even sandals. Many designs use leather or suede as the materials of choice. You can even find some Beautifeel shoes that combine these materials for a striking and sophisticated look.

What About Those Colors?

While much of the emphasis is on style, you will have no problem finding Beautifeel shoes in just about any color one can imagine. Even within a certain color family, there will be shades designed to work well with all sorts of outfits and accessories. The sheer diversity in color will motivate any woman to look closely at what the company has to offer.

Along with the basic colors that are suitable in many office environments, you can also find Beautifeel women’s shoes that are perfect for dressing up an otherwise conservative outfit with a touch of color. Carry that same color to accessories like jewelry, belts, and other touches and you give that outfit an entirely new look.

The right pair of Beautifeel shoes for women can also serve as a bridge that helps to connect elements of your wardrobe. For example, choosing shoes that happen to be an exact match for a secondary color found in a blouse or other type of top can unify the entire look. Reinforce the unity with the use of a scarf of the same color and you will be pleased with the result.

Your Footwear Offers Comfort in More Than One Way

Beautifeel Shoes were born out of a profound conviction that today's modern woman deserves shoes that combine the basic features of comfort and beauty using the perfect balance of quality materials and craftsmanship. The combination of the comfort and beauty owes a great deal to the use of materials and features that come together to create unique and advanced design. Those higher quality materials and broad range of colors make Beautifeel shoes the fashion leader and popular in many countries worldwide.

So just what makes Beautifeel shoes as comfortable as they are attractive? One of the features has to do with the padding used to support the feet. Slipping into a pair of Beautifeel women’s shoes is a bit like taking off a lesser pair of shoes and allowing your toes to enjoy the pile of a thick carpet. There’s no sensation of a hard surface for the soles of your feet to endure. There’s only padding that helps you feel as if you are actually floating as you walk.

It’s not just about the way the bottoms of your feet feel throughout the day. From the instep to the heel, the material includes just enough give and take to move with your feet. Anyone who has ever tried to wear a pair of shoes that would not seem to give at all will understand how important this feature happens to be. Instead of feeling as if something rubbed against your feet all day, a pair of Beautifeel shoes for women leaves them feeling more like the feet have just enjoyed a nice massage. In other words, your feet are less likely to hurt at the end of the day.

You can depend on those Beautifeel shoes to also ease some of the stress on your lower legs. This is especially true if your work requires a great deal of standing. Since many workplaces have carpeting that is placed over concrete, it’s easy to understand why the legs endure so much stress. When you spend a lot of time standing in one place or walking across hard surfaces, it’s a given that your legs will be hurting a little after working a full eight hours.

When you choose to invest in a pair of Beautifeel women’s shoes, you are also providing more protection for your leg muscles. The materials and designs come together and help provide the cushioning needed to absorb the shock of working on hard surfaces. As a result, your feet and your legs are not as tired by the end of the day.

Making the Most of Your Style Choices

Beautifeel offers a wide range of shoes and sandals, in a wealth of designs and colors, each enabling you to enjoy the unique combination of Beautifeel features each season. It’s hard to think of a time of year when you would not be able to find at least one pair of Beautifeel shoes for women that was perfect for whatever you need to do that day. From spending time enjoying outdoor activities to taking a nice long walk during the first snow of the season, there is something that will provide the protection and comfort you want. Through it all, your feet will also look their best.

Today is the perfect time to browse Beautifeel shoes styles and color choices. Take your time and consider what style would work best for your work environment. Once you try that first pair, you can leave the bag with your comfy shoes at home and enjoy the look and comfort offered by your new shoes form Beautifeel.

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