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  1. New Bendigo OC Brown
    Bendigo OC Brown

    by Rieker Women's Style # X8263-25 Sku # RIEX826325

  2. New Larache OC Brown
    Larache OC Brown

    by Rieker Men's Style # F8301-24 Sku # RIEF830124

  3. New Nablus OC Black
    Nablus OC Black

    by Rieker Men's Style # F8332-00 Sku # RIEF833200

  4. New Lugano Black
    Lugano Black

    by Rieker Women's Style # L1868-00 Sku # RIEL186800

  5. New Glamour Navy
    Glamour Navy

    by Rieker Women's Style # 72010-14 Sku # RIE7201014

  6. New Michigan Brown
    Michigan Brown

    by Rieker Men's Style # 05355-25 Sku # RIE0535525

  7. New Nablus Velcro Black
    Nablus Velcro Black

    by Rieker Men's Style # 14851-00 Sku # RIE1485100

  8. New Clermont Brown
    Clermont Toffee

    by Rieker Men's Style # 17659-23 Sku # RIE1765923

  9. New Namur Black
    Namur Black

    by Rieker Men's Style # 18910-00 Sku # RIE1891000

  10. New Dickson Black
    Dickson Black

    by Rieker Men's Style # 22191-00 Sku # RIE2219100

  11. New Eriwan Grey
    Eriwan Grey

    by Rieker Men's Style # 30721-45 Sku # RIE3072145

  12. New Nasia Brown
    Nasia Peanut

    by Rieker Men's Style # 33214-25 Sku # RIE3321425

  13. New Minesota Black
    Minesota Black

    by Rieker Women's Style # 44265-00 Sku # RIE4426500

  14. New Lugano Black
    Lugano Black

    by Rieker Women's Style # L7166-00 Sku # RIEL716600

  15. New Samtcalf OC Black
    Samtcalf OC Black

    by Rieker Women's Style # Z5420-00 Sku # RIEZ542000

  16. New Eagle Black
    Eagle Black

    by Rieker Women's Style # Z8689-00 Sku # RIEZ868900

  17. New Fioresamt Black Mult
    Fioresamt Black Mult

    by Rieker Women's Style # 72010-90 Sku # RIE7201090

  18. New Larache Amaretto
    Larache Amaretto

    by Rieker Men's Style # F5423-24 Sku # RIEF542324

  19. New Clarino D Zip Black
    Clarino D Zip Black

    by Rieker Men's Style # 33160-00 Sku # RIE3316000

  20. New Massa Velcro Black
    Massa Velcro Black

    by Rieker Women's Style # 48984-01 Sku # RIE4898401

  21. New Samtcalf OC Black
    Samtcalf OC Black

    by Rieker Women's Style # X8200-00 Sku # RIEX820000

  22. Hudson Navy Wood
    Hudson Navy Wood

    by Rieker Men's Style # 15163-14 Sku # RIE1516314

  23. Namur Scuba Black
    Namur Scuba Black

    by Rieker Women's Style # L0665-00 Sku # RIEL066500

  24. Morelia Blue Kombi
    Morelia Blue Kombi

    by Rieker Women's Style # Y4730-68 Sku # RIEY473068

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Items 1-24 of 399


Rieker shoes

Rieker Shoes For The Entire Family

Rieker shoes and sandals are European style shoes focused on comfort. Thanks to the care that goes into the development and production of Rieker shoes and sandals, they are designed to keep your feet happy all day long.

When you choose to purchase a pair of Rieker shoes, you aren’t settling for something that will fulfill a purpose for a short time and then need to be replaced. One of the hallmarks of Rieker boots as well as Rieker shoes for men is that they are made to last. The same is true of all the Rieker shoes for women currently on the market. When you choose Riekers, you can rest assured that your money is well spent.

Several elements come together to ensure that your Rieker footwear offers all the benefits that you want. For example, comfortable footbed and lots of room for your toes is the reason why Rieker shoes are known as the anti-stress shoes. Given the fact that you need to be on your feet quite a bit, don’t you need your choice of footwear to be anti-stress? Try Rieker shoes - your feet will thank you.

Timeless Stylish and Durable

You are a person who goes for quality rather than settling for what you can get. That includes which brands you focus on when it’s time to shop for footwear. Certain brands appeal to you because they provide choices for casual as well as dress shoes and boots. You can also depend on the footwear to be made using the best materials. That’s one of the reasons why you turn to Rieker boots and shoes whenever you need something new.

From the very beginning, the owners of what would become Rieker shoes wanted to produce footwear that would easily outpace anything else on the market. The point was to ensure that eery pair of Rieker boots and shoes offered the ideal combination of style, durability, and comfort. That’s something that’s never changed.

When you check out any of the Rieker shoes for men or the Rieker shoes for women on the market today, you can depend on the quality being present. Just as quality mattered in the 19th century, it remains a hallmark of what Riekers has to offer today.

A Word About the Origin of Rieker Shoes

Rieker is one of the most well-known brands in Europe and in North America. Launched in Germany in the year 1874, the brand has remained in the control of the same family for over five generations. From the beginning, the emphasis has been on quality construction and style.

Like any company, Rieker shoes has undergone changes as the years passed. Even so, it remains very much a family oriented business that places an emphasis on producing only the best footwear on the market today. From Rieker boots and shoes for any occasion to specialized lines of Rieker antistress shoes for men and Rieker shoes for women, the team at Riekers never loses sight of how important it is to provide footwear that look and feel great.

As the demand for Rieker women‘s shoes grew throughout the 20th century, the family knew expansion was the only way to keep up with the demand. That led to a move of the central operation to Switzerland while still maintaining production facilities throughout Europe. With a line that has something for every occasion, you will have no trouble finding something that’s perfect.


You may already know a little about the different lines of Rieker shoes for men as well as the Rieker shoes for women. Did you know those lines also include plenty of designs for sandals? That’s right! The same great company that has brought you excellent options for Rieker shoes and Rieker boots over the years can also ensure your feet have the best in sandals.

If you are looking for a sandal that provides a little height and works nicely with jeans, sundresses, or summertime shorts, look no further. Serbia Royal is definitely in line with your discriminating taste.

The subtle coloring for the sole and heel makes it a great choice for many of the garments in your wardrobe. No matter what color schemes happen to be in line with your personal taste, there is a combination that will be just right.

Just as with any of the Rieker antistress shoes or Rieker boots you’ve tried in the past, the styles for the sandals are sure to please. You’ll love the stylish but not overpowering design elements that gracefully envelope your feet and provide support for your instep and heel. Whether you prefer sandals with a more subtle appearance or ones that are sure to attract a lot of positive attention, there is something that will be just right.

As you already know from trying different types of Rieker shoes for men as well as Rieker shoes for women, comfort is a huge factor in determining the final design of any sandal. That includes careful consideration of the kind of cushioning included in each sandal design.

The ample cushioning makes it easy to wear this sandal all day long without your feet feeling tired at all. Thanks to the support offered by that cushioning, there’s also less of an opportunity for your lower legs to grow tired. Feel free to wear those Riekers sandals while you shop, take long walks, or engage in any other fun activity that comes to mind. Your feet will thank you.

One design element that may surprise you is the heels used for different sandal designs. That’s a little something extra that you won’t find with many other brands. Thanks to the options you have for heels, it’s that much easier to find a pair that feels great and also adds just the right level of style to your outfit.

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