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  1. Stage Black
    Stage Black

    by Taos Women's Style # TAOSTAGE01 Sku # TAOSTAGE01

  2. Tour 2 Nude
    Tour 2 Nude

    by Taos Women's Style # TAOTOUR08 Sku # TAOTOUR08

  3. Dandy Grey
    Dandy Grey

    by Taos Women's Sku # TAODANDY05

  4. Dandy Charcoal
    Dandy Charcoal

    by Taos Women's Sku # TAODANDY01

  5. Prize 3 Harvest Mult
    Prize 3 Harvest Mult

    by Taos Women's Sku # TAOPRIZE306

  6. Gift 2 Coco Metallic
    Gift 2 Coco Metallic

    by Taos Women's Sku # TAOGIFT06

  7. Beauty White Metalic
    Beauty White Metalic

    by Taos Women's Sku # TAOBEAUTY09

  8. Beauty 2 Champange
    Beauty 2 Champange

    by Taos Women's Sku # TAOBEAUTY08

  9. Aura Black
    Aura Black

    by Taos Women's Sku # TAOAURA01

  10. Zenith Honey
    Zenith Honey

    by Taos Women's Sku # TAOZENITH06

  11. Zenith Teal
    Zenith Teal

    by Taos Women's Sku # TAOZENITH03

  12. Zenith Black
    Zenith Black

    by Taos Women's Sku # TAOZENITH01

  13. Zen Navy
    Zen Navy

    by Taos Women's Sku # TAOZEN03

  14. Prize 3 Blush Multi
    Prize 3 Blush Multi

    by Taos Women's Sku # TAOPRIZE05

  15. Tour 2 Black
    Tour 2 Black

    by Taos Women's Sku # TAOTOUR01

  16. Julia Stone
    Julia Stone

    by Taos Women's Sku # TAOJULIA07

  17. Universe Camel
    Universe Camel

    by Taos Women's Sku # TAOUNIVERSE06

  18. Universe Black
    Universe Black

    by Taos Women's Sku # TAOUNIVERSE01

  19. Trulie Grey
    Trulie Grey

    by Taos Women's Sku # TAOTRULIE05

  20. Treasure 2 Red
    Treasure 2 Red

    by Taos Women's Sku # TAOTREASURE10

  21. Prize 3 Pewter
    Prize 3 Pewter

    by Taos Women's Style # 10277 Sku # TAOPRIZE312

  22. Stage Grey
    Stage Grey

    by Taos Women's Sku # TAOSTAGE05

  23. Star Khaki
    Star Khaki

    by Taos Women's Sku # TAOSTAR07

  24. Star Blue
    Star Blue

    by Taos Women's Sku # TAOSTAR03

Set Ascending Direction

Items 1-24 of 58


Taos Shoes

Inspired by the beauty and culture of the American Southwest, Taos shoes are open-toed and comfortable shoes for women that use the most beautiful leather and the richest fabric possible for each shoe. The general philosophy behind these shoes is that women should not have to choose between style and comfort – they can have both, and Taos provides that. Thousands of women across the world proudly and happily wear these shoes today.

The Taos Style

Taos shoes for women are named for the fact that they were created in Taos, New Mexico, and the style of these shoes reflects the region of their creation. The shoes are predominantly leather in design, which provides both durability and comfort. Rich fabric provides a comfortable sole and cushioning for your feet. Each piece of footwear comes with something that makes it stand out visually from the rest, from eye-catching color choices to playful embroidery. The stitching is intricate and something that works with the design of the shoe. While ideal for women interested in fashion, the shoes also have rugged buckles and a durable make that guarantees them a long life of rigorous activity.

Available Varieties

The majority of Taos shoes are of the open-toed variety, which allows your feet a chance to breathe and stay cool even in the hot summer sun. The heel size on these shoes ranged from flat to a few inches, allowing you to choose the style and comfort level that fits you the best. There are also some close-toed Taos women’s shoes for more formal or rugged use, including some buckle boots. These shoes each have short heels and stylish buckles, allowing you to wear them anywhere.

Taos shoes are among the best-looking and highest-quality shoes you will find on the market today. Taking its sense of style from the southwestern United States, this is a distinctly American but also very durable and versatile brand.

Walking On A Cloud
Amazing product. It actually is comfortable to place an order. I am absolutely happy. Great job WalkingOnACloud.