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Rieker shoes

Rieker shoes and sandals are European style shoes focused on comfort. Rieker shoes and sandals are designed to keep your feet happy all day long. A comfortable footbed and lots of room for your toes, Rieker shoes are known as the anti-stress shoes. Don't you need to be anti-stress? Try Rieker shoes - your feet will thank you.

Timeless Stylish and Durable

You are a person who goes for quality. That includes when you decide to shop for footwear. Certain brands appeal to you because they provide you with choices for casual as well as dress shoes and boots. You can also depend on the footwear to be made using the best materials. That’s one of the reasons why you turn to Rieker boots and shoes whenever you need something new.

Rieker is one of the most well-known brands in Europe and in North America. Launched in Germany in the year 1874, the brand has remained in the control of the same family for over five generations. From the beginning, the emphasis has been on quality construction and style.

As the demand for Rieker women‘s shoes grew, the family knew expansion was the only way to keep up with the demand. That led to a move of the central operation to Switzerland while still maintaining production facilities throughout Europe. With a line that has something for every occasion, you will have no trouble finding something that’s perfect.


If you are looking for a sandal that provides a little height and works nicely with jeans, sundresses, or summertime shorts, look no further. Serbia Royal is definitely in line with your discriminating taste.

The subtle coloring for the sole and heel makes it a great choice for many of the garments in your wardrobe. You’ll love the stylish but not overpowering design elements that gracefully envelope your feet and provide support for your instep and heel.

The cushioning makes it easy to wear this sandal all day long without your feet feeling tired at all.

If you prefer a lower heel, consider the Tropicana. Thanks to the contouring and the cushioning that comes with this design, you’ll feel as if you are walking on air. The straps offer a beautiful pattern that will fit in nicely with many different types of casual wear.

Sporting a sleek look, your feet will be just as well-dressed as the rest of you. These Rieker sandals are available in many colors, including the always popular beige. Take a look as see what you think.


Rieker’s boots for women’s wear are always a favorite and it would be nice to have a pair that looks great and holds up well even when you need to make your way through the snow to catch the bus.

The Vaduz Stein is perfect for the woman who needs to get out and get things done. Simple lines ensure this boot will work with just about anything you want to wear on a give day. You’ll love the zipper that makes it so easy to slip on the comfortable boot and zip it with ease. Since the knee height is always in fashion, you’ll be able to wear these boots for years. Best of all, the cushioning and support provided for your feet and lower legs will make it easy to get in a lot of walking over the course of the day.

If you love to camp or enjoy long walks on forest trails, take a look at Rieker’s Medway Kastanie. This durable lace-up style is designed to protect your feet from more than the elements. The sturdy soles ensure that walking over rocks or rough terrain will be a breeze.

The comfortable Rieker’s antistress fit also ensures that you won’t have sore feet at the end of the day. Since the design is also attractive, you will look your best as you enjoy that weekend camping or hiking trip.

Dress Boots

Dress boots are an excellent accessory for any wardrobe. Perhaps you love the look of a graceful ankle boot. That makes the Rebecca and Cristalin lines perfect for you. You can purchase either design in basic black, ensuring you have boots that work well with just about all of the things you like to wear to the office. If you are on your feet for much of the day, the cushioning and support for your arches will make sure you do all the running around in comfort.

Perhaps you prefer dress boots that are calf or knee-height. Consider the Eagle for the former. The simplistic design that is accented with a basic side-buckle provides a touch of whimsy while still maintaining the dressy look. If something with more height is what you crave, the Nicaragua Cenere is the way to go. Available in black as well as several other colors, the fun design provides the ideal combination of function, style, and comfort.

Along with designs for women, take a look at Rieker’s mens shoes and styles for children. You’ll find footwear that you and every member of the family can use right now and even something that will come in handy as the seasons change. Buy one pair using a Rieker shoes discount and you will know that going back for more is the wise thing to do.

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