5 Reasons Consumers Decide to Try a Pair of Finn Comfort Shoes

Have you ever wanted a pair of shoes or sandals that provided protection while also triggering the sensation of walking barefoot over the softest carpet? That gives you an idea of what it’s like to slip on a pair of Finn Comfort shoes. Many consumers try the brand for the first time because they hear how great they look and feel. If you are wondering if Finn is worth a try, consider these reasons to give them a go.

Variety of Styles and Colors

Finn Comfort shoes and sandals come in a wide range of styles and colors. If you like footwear that’s one solid color, you’ll find many options. Maybe you like something that incorporates two or three colors into the look. Finn can provide that too. There are even beautiful patterns that make wearing the shoes or sandals a lot of fun. Whatever you decide, there’s at least one pair that will be perfect.

Only the Best Materials

The thing to remember is that Finn Comfort shoes don’t skimp on quality. Care is taken in selecting every material used in the footwear designs. The goal is not just to create a great looking shoe. By choosing only the best materials, the team at Finn ensures that the footwear will last for a long time. If you are the type who loves to be able to wear a favorite pair of shoes from year to year, this is definitely a plus.

The Fit and Support is Fantastic

The best shoes fit in a way that makes you feel as if there is nothing on the feet. That’s what you get with Finn Comfort shoes. The cushioning is just enough to ensure your soles are kept comfortable no matter how much walking you do. The design also helps support your arches, something that minimizes the potential for foot, ankle, and leg pain. Since the material also allows the feet to breathe, you never get that clammy overheated sensation. From the moment you place the shoes on your feet until you take them off, all you get is lots of comfort.

Great Balance and Stability

You can wear a pair of Finn Comfort shoes and walk across all sorts of surfaces without having any trouble balancing. The design makes it easier to walk across sand, pavement, grass, or any other surface one can imagine. That comes in handy if you enjoy taking a morning or evening walk in all sorts of weather.

Finn Comfort shoes are often cited as offering many of the benefits associated with rocker bottom footwear. That’s because of the roomy toe box, the snug but comfortable fit around the heel, and the shape of the sole. It’s hard to find a brand that offers more in the way of comfort and stability.

The Affordable Price

People are often surprised when they see the cost associated with a pair of Finn Comfort shoes or sandals. They expect to pay a lot more. The fact that the brand does offer so many styles at such affordable prices makes them all the more attractive to consumers.

The bottom line is that you should try a pair of Finn Comfort shoes today. Whether you need something to wear on casual days at work, for your morning walk, or just to wear when you run errands of spend an evening at a sporting event, Finn will keep you and your feet comfortable.

Top 5 Things You Should Know About Ara Shoes

Creating the right type of footwear for women requires more than replicating the styles already on the market. It involves paying close attention to the design elements, the feel, and the quality of the final product. The team at Ara Shoes know this and have come up with a winning approach. If you’ve never tried a pair of Ara shoes before, it’s time to change that. Here are a few things you should know about this brand and what it has to offer.

They’ve Been Around for a Long Time

Did you know that Ara shoes have been around for almost eight decades? That’s a long time to participate in any industry. When it comes to footwear, the longevity lets consumers know the company knows what they are doing. Through all the changes in tastes and styles over the years, the company continues to come up with designs that please the eye, feel great on the feet, and motivate customers to keep coming back.

Plenty of Casual Designs

You’ll find that Ara shoes offer a number of designs that work well with all your casual outfits. From beautiful springtime prints to fun tops and shorts in the summer and all the way to cozy sweaters for the autumn, Ara will have footwear that fits right in. You think of the season and the occasion, and there’s at least one Ara casual design that will look perfect with the outfit.

There’s Business and Formal Designs Too

There are also plenty of Ara shoes that will work perfectly with your business attire. From beautiful and stylish heels to ankle and knee length boots, you will have no trouble coming up with footwear that looks great with all your office outfits. When you need something that will dress up an outfit on a casual day, there are business casual designs that will do the job.

Some of the designs will also take you to more formal occasions. If you have a wedding reception to attend, a formal business dinner, or some other event that calls for dressing up, rest assured that Ara has what you need.

Style and Comfort Together

All that style does not mean you have to sacrifice comfort. When you slip on a pair of Ara shoes, be prepared to enjoy plenty of arch support. The cushioning eases stress on the soles. The closed-toe designs also provide plenty of space in the toe boxes, allowing your toes just enough room to feel comfortable. Thanks to the high quality construction and choice of materials, you can enjoy the comfort for a long time.

Some of the Best Prices in the Industry

One look at the pricing for Ara shoes and you will realize how favorably the cost compares with other brands. When you factor in how well the shoes wear and the amount of use you will get from them, the deal is all the better.

Why wait any longer? Try your first pair of Ara shoes and see what you think. It won’t be long until you decide that owning a few more pair is a great idea.

What Are MBT Shoes and How do They Work?

Have you heard of MBT shoes? If not, don’t feel alone. While this type of shoe has been around since the early 1990‘s, it’s only now beginning to gain the widespread attention it deserves. Here are a few of the things that you should know about this particular shoe type and what wearing it could do for you.

The Origins of the Shoes

MBT is short for Masai Barefoot Technology. As the name implies, the shoes attempt to replicate the comfort and general sensation of walking barefoot. At the same time, the design elements of the shoes help to stimulate the function of muscles that are generally not stimulated by other footwear.

The idea for the shoes came about because of an experience that founder Karl Müller had in the early years of the 1990‘s. While visiting Korea and walking barefoot through a field of soft paddies, he noticed that the activity seemed to ease pain he normally felt in some areas of the body. For example, his back hurt a little less. He also noticed that the stress on his knees was lessened. Even the discomfort that walking normally caused for his Achilles tendons was not as severe.

Müller noted that walking through the paddy fields was somewhat like walking across a sandy beach. That in fact led to the name for what would become MBT shoes. The Masai designation refers to the sensation of walking in sand that is found in the Masai region of Kenya. The barefoot portion focuses on the feeling the wearer has of not having anything on the foot. The latter sensation has led some to provide the shoes with a nickname: the non-shoe.

The Unique Design Elements

The MBT shoe is unique in the way the sole is designed. Utilizing multiple layers, the sole provides a level of support that is not present with shoes with thinner soles. The heel is also more rounded with this shoe design. The result is footwear that prevents flat footing along what is known as the proximal-distal axis found on each of the feet. This combination of elements helps to provide excellent support for the arches and effectively replicates the give and take that occurs when walking across sand.

What Claims are Made for the Shoes?

One of the reasons that well-known brands like Timberland Shoes offer this particular style is that they are extremely comfortable. Since the shoes also include a toe box that’s roomy enough to allow the toes to wiggle with ease, they really do feel a bit like not wearing any shoes at all. The fact that you can walk across hard surfaces and still feel as if you are walking across an expanse of beach only highlight the amount of comfort provided.

Along with comfort, claims for the shoes have to do with providing support that eases a number of physical ailments. For example, wearing the shoes regularly is said to help work muscles in the legs and thighs that otherwise do not receive much of a workout. The result is that you tone these muscles along with others while walking. The muscle toning in turns helps to shape your lower body and give the muscles more definition.

Strengthening the leg and thigh muscles is said to lead to many of the other benefits. For example, stronger leg muscles and tendons provides more support for the knees. By easing stress on the knee joints, you are less likely to experience a lot of pain while bending the joints. Thanks to the improved physical condition of the legs, some of the pressure placed on the lower back is alleviated. That in turn means you are less likely to experience lower back pain.

The support provided by the shoes is also said to help with different types of feet issues. Certainly they ease the pain of flat feet and provide more support for the arches. That in turn can take pressure off the ankles and minimize the potential for swelling. At the end of the day, you are less likely to have aching feet or ankles. Instead of wanting to get off your feet and soak them, it’s easier to enjoy the evening and not experience leg cramps once you settle in for some sleep.

There are those who believe that the shoe design ultimately provides the means of enjoying improved posture. The theory focuses on how eliminating sources of pain along the backs of the legs, the thighs, and the lower back in turn reduce the inclination of the individual to slump the shoulders when walking, Since the body is experiencing less pain, it’s easier to stand upright and walk with a more confident gait. The spine is kept in better alignment, when also helps with posture issues.

Many of the benefits associated with shoes sporting an MBT style focus on walking or running. There are also claims that the shoes are also beneficial for people who stand during most of the day. The sole design provides more support and cushioning while standing. This is especially true for people who stand on hard surfaces for most of the day. By minimizing the stress of standing, the individual is less likely to notice shooting pains in the legs of feet. Overall, the legs are said to not tire as quickly. That in turn allows the individual to be more alert, even when standing in the same position for hours on end.

The only way to know how these types of shoes will benefit you is to try a pair. You’ll notice that the general design is a little different in terms of the shape and dimensions of the sole, but otherwise looks quite a bit like a typical walking shoe. The designs are available in an array of colours, with versions for men and women sold at fine stores. After you try the shoes for a few days, don’t be surprised if you notice that some of the aches and pains that are typically part of your day are no longer present.

Why Naturalizer Shoes are Known as Being One of The Most Comfortable Shoes On the Market

Since arriving in the marketplace in 1927, Naturalizer shoes have been one of the best ways to provide comfort and style. The brand is still going strong in the 21st century and shows no signs of losing its popularity. If anything, the shoes are more popular today than ever. Here are some of the reasons why Naturalizer is likely to be around for a long time.

Absorbing Shock While You Walk

One of the hallmarks of the brand is providing footwear capable of absorbing the shock of walking across hard surfaces. This makes them ideal for all sorts of settings. If your place of employment has concrete or hardwood flooring, walking back and forth during the day will not leave your feet and legs feeling worn out by the time you get home.

Along with easing the stress of walking, the way the shoes support the arches also minimize the risk for developing a number of different types of physical issues related to the feet, ankles, and legs. From this perspective, choosing to wear Naturalizer footwear is an investment in retaining better health for more years.

Breathable Lining

The materials used for some footwear cause the feet to perspire and become hot. There is nothing that allows the feet to breathe. Over time, this does more than make your feet uncomfortable during the day. It can lead to various types of ailments and require visits to a podiatrist. Your best bet is to invest in footwear that does include breathable lining.

You’ll find that Naturalizer footwear offers lining that’s comfortable, keeps your feet warm but not hot, and certainly allows for the air circulation needed to keep the feet healthy and comfortable. While other brands like Sorel boots also have excellent linings, few can match the quality of the materials used for linings in Naturalizer styles. You can tell the difference at the end of the day when your feet still feel good no matter what you’ve been doing.

Supports Proper Balance and Gait

Many people who choose this brand notice that the support helps to improve their balance. That may not seem like a big deal when walking across flat surfaces, but it certainly comes in handy when walking over rougher terrain or traveling over paths with steep inclines. Improved balance also helps to ensure the gait is consistent and less hesitant, even when the going gets a little tough.

Lightweight But Durable Materials

The materials may not be as thick or heavy as found in other brands, but don’t assume they are flimsy and likely to wear out any time soon. It’s perfectly reasonable to expect a pair of Naturalizer footwear to last for years. This is true even when they are worn several times a week. You can bet that they are worth every penny.

If you’ve never tried a pair of Naturalizers before, now is the time to change that. Find a pair you like and wear them for a few days in a row. You’ll soon see why the brand is so popular and why it will be around for a long time.

Top Selling New Balance Shoes This Season

With summer on the way, it’s time to think about new footwear. Since a lot of your weekend and holiday activities will be taking place outside, you need a brand that can provide something for just about any occasion. New Balance is that brand. Here are some suggestions from the top selling New Balance shoes for this season and why they are perfect for you.

Walking Shoes for Summer

You’ll be doing a lot of walking this summer. Along with your usual errands, summer is the time to get out and spend time at the lake, going to concerts with friends, and in general enjoying all sorts of open air activities. You may even decide this is the time to start including an evening walk in your routine. The right type of walking shoes will be a plus.

Consider designs like the New Balance Vazee Pace. This walking shoe is made using lightweight materials that feel good on your feet. While the materials weigh less, they are still durable. You will find that it’s possible to walk as much as you like without your feet feeling weighed down. At the same time, the choice of materials help to keep the feet properly supported. That’s important since you would rather not deal with sore leg muscles or cramps in the toes after a day of being around and about.

Something for Those With Foot Issues

Perhaps you have issues that require you to be extra careful when selecting summer footwear. Have you taken a look at the New Balance 928v3? This design sports a somewhat blocky style that provides a more casual look, but is still sporty enough to wear to Casual Fridays at work. Along with the nice look, you’ll find this particular design is great if you need to add an orthopedic insole to help with your particular foot issue. People who require special footwear due to diabetic neuropathy will also enjoy the feel, the support, and the look.

How About a Running Shoe?

Could you use something new for your morning or evening run? You need a shoe that’s flexible, provides excellent arch support, and has room for the toes to move freely. The logical answer is to invest in a pair of New Balance 910v4 running shoes.

These shoes are designed to move with your feet while still providing the balance and stability you need to make your way down a jogging path or a sidewalk. The cushioning protects your feet from the jarring that occurs during a run. Through it all, the shoes provide plenty of protection for your feet. There’s padding on the tongue that helps to prevent chafing and a collar that is also kind to the heel. Since the shoes are waterproof, you can still go for a run if a summer shower should appear out of nowhere. With versions in standard and wider widths, everyone can find something that’s just right.

These are only a few examples of what New Balance has to offer for the upcoming summer. Like other quality brands like Keen shoes, expect to see a few more designs appear in the weeks to come. Take a look today and get to know more about the brand. It won’t take long to find a pair that’s ideal for what you have in mind and be prepared to make the most of your summer.

Feet Always Hot? Try Geox Shoes!

Founded in 1995 by Mario Polegato, Geox has made quite an impression on many consumers. Along with the attractive styles and the great colour selections, the typical Geox shoe offers something that not all brands can claim: a high level of breathability. What does this mean for consumers who are tired of spending money on footwear to only feel as if their feet are on fire at the end of the day? It means those consumers can purchase Geox footwear and enjoy comfort from the moment the shoes are slipped on until they are removed at night. Here are some things you should know about the technology behind the footwear and why your feet will stay comfortable.

The Original Breathable Shoe

Geox is often promoted as the original breathable shoe. While other brands include this particular benefit as part of what they have to offer, no one else offers breathability as one of the most important features.

The technology used to come up with the design and select the materials has a lot to do with how well the shoes keep your feet from overheating. Like many other brands, Geox utilizes rubber soles in many of the company designs. Care is taken to only use rubber that has the ideal qualities to provide comfort. At the same time, the design itself impacts the soles in a way that’s to your benefit.

Many people don’t realize that the manufacturing process involves the use of tiny perforations that allow perspiration to escape instead of build up heat in the shoes. The perforations are matched with a membrane that prevents moisture from getting back around the feet even as the sweat is removed. The result is that the shoe is a little cooler from the toe box all the way to the heel.

Will the Feet Get Too Cold?

While this sounds great, will these design elements allow the feet to get too cold? The team at Geox have thought of that as well. The membrane that helps to keep outside moisture from seeping into the shoes by way of the tiny perforations also provides an effective barrier to the weather. If the temperature is beginning to get a little cool, your feet will still remain at a comfortable temperature throughout the day. While you will need to switch to boots or something with a thicker liner once winter arrives, you can rely on your Geox footwear to keep your feet properly protected and comfortable during the milder seasons.

Who Can Wear Geox Shoes?

There are shoe designs appropriate for just about everyone. You can easily invest in Geox mens shoes for yourself or a loved one. There are also designs for women that look and feel great. If you have children, finding something that they will love to wear will not be difficult.

If you have never tried a pair of Geox footwear, take a look today and find a pair that’s right for you. Wear them for a few days in a row and see what you think. After seeing how comfortable they are and how nice they look, you will want to make them a permanent part of your wardrobe.

2 Reasons Why You Need a Pair of Black Dress Shoes

Having the right elements in your wardrobe makes it easier to be prepared for just about any occasion. Men often have a black suit tucked away for business and other occasions. Women also usually have a basic black dress that can be accessorized for all sorts of occasions. Did you know that a pair of basic black dress shoes is just as important to own? Here are three reasons why they are something everyone should own.

Black Works With More Colors

Think of the colors you usually wear to work. Now consider the colors you would wear on a date, to a more formal party, or an event like an afternoon garden wedding. Would you have a pair of shoes that are the same color as most of those outfits? If you are like many people, the answer is no.

The thing to remember is that black dress shoes are the perfect default with many other colors. Men can wear them with dark blue suits, black sportcoats paired with tan or olive slacks, and of course with black suits. Women will find that the right pair of black dress shoes work with darker colors and also fit in nicely with red and some of the brighter colors. Add in some other accessories that visually associate the shoes to the rest of the outfit and you will look great.

Black Doesn’t Distract

Even as the black dress shoes fit in with what you are wearing, they don’t call a lot of attention to your feet. That’s important when you want the attention to be directed elsewhere. Perhaps you would prefer that people notice your new jacket first, or draw closer because they like the new hairstyle or shirt you are wearing. When you want footwear that is appropriate and allows other elements of your appearance to shine, black is definitely the way to go.

Are you lacking a nice pair of black dress shoes? Do you own a pair, but they are beginning to look a little worn? Now is the time to check out Romika shoes in black and find a dress shoe style that’s right for you. Along with the versatility, you will also own a pair of shoes that’s made using the finest materials and will hold up well for a long time.

Pikolinos shoes. Choosing the Right Dress Boots for the Office

Heels and flats are fine some days, but there are other days you would like to wear something a little different. While the office dress code does need to be taken into consideration, there are plenty of dress boots that would work just fine. All you have to do is settle on the style that fits in with your body type, the attire you choose, and also happens to offer the comfort and support needed to get through the day. Here are some tips that will help.

Choosing the Right Dress Boots for the Office

Slouchy Boots

Slouchy boots with a low heel go well with quite a few different outfits that are suitable for the office. For example, they would go well with a pair of dress slacks that are fitted rather than tapered. Pair the boots and slacks with a matching jacket and some type of simple top. All you will need are simple accessories like a gold necklace and maybe a set of petite earrings to round out the look. If this sounds like a good option to you, consider the LeMans or Verona by Pikolinos shoes

Ankle Boots

You will find that ankle boots have the advantage of being one of the most versatile styles for dressy settings like the workplace. The boots are just tall enough to support your ankles and will also look great with a tapered pair of dress slacks. You can also wear these boots with a skirt or a dress if you want. Unlike some other boot options, something like the Pikolinos’ Andorra Arcill are an especially good choice if you have more petite legs and would like to add some visual length to them. Try pairing them with a pencil skirt, a blouse in a contrasting color, and simple accessories. The look will say you are a professional while also indicating you have good taste.

Pointed Peep or Square Toes

What should you do about the toes? A lot depends on how conservative your work environment happens to be. A safe choice is to settle on a pair of dress boots that come with a square toe. Pointed toes will be fine in many office settings, especially when the heels you wear the rest of the week are pointed.

The most daring approach you might use in the office is the peep toe. Look closely at the dress code and if there is anything about only allowing open-toed shoes on casual days, stay away from this option. At the very least, you may want to save that cute pair of peep toe boots for an office party, casual day, or for changing into when you are planning on meeting friends after work.

Buckles Laces and Straps

Ornamentation on the boots can be a plus in some cases, but it can also be a bit much in an office setting. Perhaps something simple like the buckles found on many of the Brujas designs by Pikolinos will strike the perfect balance. If you do want boots with a bit of visual interest, try to select something that offers a minimum of ornamentation. That means if there are straps, opt for a design that doesn’t include laces. If the boot design does have straps, try to keep the buckles as small as possible. While you can’t go wrong with a minimalist approach, too much ornamentation may harm rather than help the look you are trying to achieve.

Choosing the best dress boots for the office doesn’t have to be difficult. Visit the Walking on a Cloud website today and take a look at all the beautiful Pikolinos boots designs offered there. You are sure to find colors and styles that work perfectly with your favorite outfits.

Choosing the Perfect Shoes for Casual Day at the Office

The boss just announced that every Friday will be a casual dress day. While you have several outfits that fit right in with the relaxed dress code, footwear is another matter. Most of the things you own strike you as being a little too casual for the office. The good news is that the right pair of shoes won’t be hard to find. Here are some of the qualities that you want in that new pair, and any others you buy to wear on all future Casual Days.

Choosing the Perfect Shoes

Dressy But Casual Style

It can be hard to find the perfect balance between footwear that’s fun and also professional. Many people refer to this style as dressy casual. Basically, it means the shoes do have a more relaxed look than what is normally required with business attire. At the same time, they are more formal than what you would usually wear to the park.

As you look at different styles, consider how they will look with the outfits you plan on wearing. If the guidelines for clothing allow you to wear jeans, consider what type of leather or other material would look great with the denim. You also want to choose a style that seems to fit in with any type of casual shirt you choose to wear with those jeans. Something with a closed toe may be the best bet if you are planning on wearing a casual button-down shirt with the jeans, while an open toe design will work well if you are going with something simple like a golf shirt.

Color That Works With Your Business Casual Attire

Colors also matter when you are choosing something to go with your business casual attire. Maybe you opted for boots and want a more or less seamless look. Assuming you will be wearing a pair of black denim jeans, going with black for the boots makes sense.

Maybe you want your footwear to pick up the colors of the shirts or tops you wear. If red happens to be your favorite color and many of the tops are solid red or include red in the pattern, a pair of red sandals, slip-ons, or boots will be a great match. You may even want to complete the look by picking up a belt that is the same shade as your shoes.

Plenty of Cushioning

While it is Casual Day, there is still plenty of work to do. That means getting up and down from your desk a lot, hurrying to meetings in the conference room, and stopping by a colleague’s office to ask a quick question. You may also need to run a few business-related errands before the day is over.

Make sure the cushioning in your new shoes provide the support you need for all that activity. You can’t go wrong with a choice like the Gandia by Pikolinos. Proper padding eases the stress on your feet and the lower legs. Even after eight hours on the job, your feet won’t feel tired and there will be no aching in the ankles and lower legs. In fact, you will feel great as you leave the office and head out to meet friends for dinner.

Are you ready for Casual Day at work? Do you need to pick up something new that will strike that perfect balance between looking like a professional and still being ideal for a less formal setting? Visit Walking on a Cloud today and check out the Pikilinos designs they offer. You will find at least a couple of pairs that are ideal for wearing at the office and retaining a look that’s impressive.

What Do You Need in a Great Pair of Sandals?

Warmer weather is on the way and that means spending a lot more time outdoors. From hiking to long walks to hanging out with friends at a local sidewalk cafe, you need footwear that’s stylish and comfortable. As you prepare to check out the latest styles, keep these qualities in mind. Doing so will ensure you choose a quality brand like Mephisto and enjoy every minute you wear that new pair.

What Do You Need in a Great Pair of Sandals

Sturdy Sole and Great Traction

The snow and ice may be gone, but you still want to navigate safely across concrete sidewalks and into the grass when you are going on a picnic in Central Park. When you are interested in a pair of sandals, find out what materials are used for the soles. Make sure the material and the sole design will provide plenty of traction on any type of surface. That will make it all the easier to remain upright and not end up flinging the potato salad one way while you are falling in the opposite direction.

Straps Must be Snug and Not Rub

Sandals that are not made well often include straps that don’t fit the contours of your instep well. They may be a little loose. While that may not seem like a problem at first, consider how those loose straps will rub against the upper part of your feet as you walk. By the end of the day, both feet could be sporting quite a few raw spots.

Brands like Mephisto are careful about sandal designs and the materials used for the straps. They will adjust to a perfect fit and will not rub against the skin. Your feet will be comfortable all day and well into the night if you plan on being out for a long time.

Support for the Heel

Take a close look at the sandal construction. Does the design offer support for your heel? Just as you don’t want rubbing along the instep, having straps that hold the back of the sandal in place matters. The last thing you need is for your foot to slip out of the sandal when you are walking along a busy street. With the right support for the heel, there will be no rubbing and no slipping.

Sufficient Cushioning

Some people in New York live in sandals all weekend long. Having a pair that provides plenty of cushioning for the ball and heel is a must. From meeting friends for coffee in the morning to doing the grocery shopping to rushing to meet friends for a concert in the park, those sandals needs to feel good to every part of your foot. A pair with cushioning that molds to the contours of the feet will ensure your legs aren’t hurting by the end of the day.

Versatile Look

A color and style that goes with many different outfits is always a plus. Choose a sandal design that looks equally at home with your favorite shorts and top, sundress, or jeans and a casual button down shirt.

As for the color, it’s hard to go wrong with basic black. You may also find that having a pair in off white will be a great addition to your wardrobe. The two pairs can be the same design, or you can mix things up a little and choose two of Mephisto’s many styles.

Now is the perfect time to visit Walking on a Cloud and check out the line of Mephisto shoes and sandals they offer. It won’t take long to find a couple of styles and colors that work well with your favorite spring and summer clothing. Once you try your first pair, going back for more will seem like the right thing to do.