3 Style Elements to Consider for Your New Office Footwear

One look in the closet is all it takes to decide you need a new pair of shoes for the office. The question is what style would work best? As you consider different styles, make sure you address these three basic elements before buying anything. Keeping these factors in mind will ensure you make the right choice.


What is considered proper attire in your office? Some employers prefer that employees wear colors that are more subdued, like navy blue, black, or a deep brown. Others are fine with a wider range of colors, provided the clothing is suitable for meeting with a client. The same guidelines that you use for selecting your clothing can also be used to choose the right color for your new shoes. The Blundstone Rustic Brown are quite acceptable for your office style.

Remember that basic black works well in just about any business setting. If you happen to wear a lot of blue, opting for a matching shade of that color is a good idea. The goal is to choose a color that is versatile enough to wear with several different outfits. That’s especially important if you sometimes attend trade shows or call on clients.

Cushioning and Support

How much time do you spend on your feet each work day? If you are like most people, more than you realize. Walking across hardwood floors or thin carpeting does place pressure on your feet and lower legs. By making sure the footwear you purchase provides cushioning for the heels and support for the arches, you avoid muscle cramps and other issues. You’ll find that sticking with a quality pair of Pikolinos shoes will provide the cushioning and the support you need.

Lower or Higher Heel?

How do you feel about heels? Some prefer lower ones while others like the look that higher heels provide. Consider the type of attire you wear at work. You may find that if you wear slacks more often, lower heels are fine. Women who wear dresses to work may prefer the way that a higher heel adds like Pikolinos Verona to the overall appearance.

Remember that the focus should be on styles that offer practical qualities as well as great looks. Spend time comparing the merits of several different styles, but make sure they have these three features. In the long run, you will love the way they look on your feet and find the comfort and support makes it easier to feel energetic and fresh even after a long day at the office.

3 Essentials Your New Sandals Must Provide

Warmer weather is on the way, and that means finding a great pair of sandals. Getting the right pair means more than considering the style. Here are three features that those new sandals must offer before you even think about purchasing them.

Cushioning and the Heels

A reasonable amount of cushioning for the heels does make the Pikolinos Mykonos sandals more comfortable. That cushioning also benefits you in a few more ways. You are less likely to sustain heel bruises if you happen to step on a rock while you are out walking. Don’t forget that the cushioning also takes some of the stress off your feet and lower legs when you walk across hard surfaces like sidewalks.

The Right Amount of Arch Support

Sandals made using inferior materials may look nice, but they don’t provide much in the way of arch support. Forget about trying to save money and invest in a pair of sandals that provide plenty of arch support. Your legs won’t feel sore after walking around for several hours and you are less likely to need the services of a podiatrist. Couple those benefits with the fact that the sandals like Mephisto Helen made with higher quality materials will last longer, and it’s easy to see why you want to choose quality and support over price.

Consider What You Like to Do

Did you know that some sandal designs are better for certain activities? Think about the things you like to do when the weather is warmer and choose styles accordingly. Along with providing more comfort, the right pair will provide the support that you need.

For example, maybe you like to take long walks in a park or wooded area. Sandals with closed toes are a good choice for those activities. If you plan on camping or like to go canoeing or rafting, make sure the sandals are made of waterproof materials and will not slip off the heel easily.

Depending on what you like to do, purchasing several styles made by a quality brand like Pikolinos is a good idea. You can depend on the materials being durable and the styles are always comfortable.

Now is the time to start shopping for those new sandals. Take a look at several different styles and the features they offer. Choose one or two pair that will be ideal for whatever you enjoy doing during warm weather. The money spent on quality pairs of sandals will be well spent.

These Shoes Were Made for Walkin’: 3 Brands You Need to Know for Great Walking Shoes

There’s a lot to be said for a sturdy pair of walking shoes. They come with excellent tread, plenty of arch support, and a level of comfort that leaves the feet feeling energized rather than worn out. Anyone who is in the market for a new pair of walking shoes would do well to consider the designs offered by the three following brands.

  • Josef Seibel

Any company that has been in business since 1886 must be doing something right. Josef Seibel shoes are considered favorites in many parts of Europe as well as other parts of the world. One of the qualities that makes the walking shoes offered by this company so popular is that they are hand stitched. Only the best materials are used, and the designs tend to provide a flexibility that other shoe manufacturers may or may not provide. Even with the flexible design, the shoes are made to hold up well to a lot of wear and tear. They make the ideal solution for anyone who loves nothing better than a long walk after an evening meal.

  • Mephisto

Started with a commitment to make the world’s finest footwear Mephisto shoes have been around since 1965. Currently, their designs are offered for sale in over 80 countries. The original factory in Sarrebourg, France is still in operation and producing shoes that offer some of the latest and greatest in terms of quality and technology.

One factor that sets Mephisto walking shoes apart is the care that goes into the creation of each pair. Nothing but the best materials will do, and the shoes go through a series of quality checks that ensures they are capable of providing excellent support for any type of walking. It’s not unusual for a buyer to purchase a pair of shoes and wear them for years before there’s the need to invest in a new pair.

A list of the best walking shoes would not be complete without mentioning Pikolinos. Based in Spain, the company has been in business since 1984. During that time, Pikolinos shoes have become favorites in over 60 nations and there’s no sign that the company is slowing down in terms of reaching out to new customers in new places.

Pikolinos is known for the company’s dedication to the use of sustainable methods to produce shoes. That has earned the company a great deal of respect among consumers who seek to live a greener lifestyle. While doing everything possible to be environmentally responsible, the company offers walking shoes that are comfortable and durable.

All three companies offer their shoes online as well as with retailers all over the world. The colors, styles, and materials used for different walking shoe designs make it easy to find something that will fit any taste. If the plan is to invest in a new pair of shoes for walking, take the time to find out what each of these manufacturers have to offer. Rest assured that the effort will pay off in terms of finding the perfect shoes.