Hot Spring Shoe Trends for Women

Spring is here and people are shaking off the cold of winter and beginning to step out. As part of their plans, they want to look their best. That includes finding the footwear to go with their new spring outfits. Here are some common trends for women that you should keep in mind as you select shoes and boots for all sorts of occasions.

Something for the Office

Those new spring outfits you bought to wear to work should be matched with some new footwear. You will find Merrell shoes and boots will go well with many of those new spring items. You’ll find some options like the Encore line that work well with the new business slacks you bought to mix and match with the blazers and colorful blouses. The simple side buckles found with this design are just enough ornamentation for the office without overdoing things. You’ll also find they are comfortable seven if you have to be on your feet most of the day, just like a pair of Mephisto Helen Twist sandals.

Heading Out on a Date

Colors are not unusual for the spring and this year is no exception. When your date is taking you to a place that is not quite formal but calls for something other than casual attire, consider going with simple slip-ons in a fun color. You can also dispense with the high heel Beautifeel Magnolia pair of shoes. Opt for a shorter one that still gives you a put-together look and adds some pop to the outfit.

Like the simple black dress you can accessorize to fit the occasion, a simple pair of black shoes with a low heel will take you just about anywhere. If you want a dash of color, consider a pastel. Lavender is said to be one of the trendy colors for this year. Consider a pale lavender since it will work quite well with many of the spring colors that are part of your wardrobe.

Enjoying the Outdoors

With winter over and warmer temperatures returning, it’s only nature that you would want to spend more time outdoors. Give your feet a rest too by opting for something that is open-toed and casual. One of the best choices you can make is to invest in a new pair of Birkenstock shoes. Like any Birkenstock shoe you’ve ever seen, the designs for this year focus on comfort, support for the arches, and an open design that allows your feet to make the most of the fresh air and sunshine. Your new pair can take you from window shopping to sipping a favorite beverage at an outdoor cafe, or even for a walk along the water’s edge.

Walking as Part of Your Exercise Plans

It was easy to work out indoors during the winter, but now you would like to be outside. Walking is a great way to get a great cardiovascular workout and also enjoy the sunshine. You need a pair of walking shoes that will support your arches, allow your feet to move freely, and take some of the stress off your ankles and lower legs.

While the practical aspects of the walking shoes matter, you can still enjoy a bit of style. Consider purchasing a pair that sports vibrant colors. You can get some ideas by considering your skin tone, the color of your hair, and the color choices you make for your walking attire. The fact that you are exercising does not mean you can’t look great at the same time.

Settle into a comfortable chair and take a look at the shoes offered this spring. Make a note of any pair that captures your attention and think of how you could put them to good use. Along with being prepared for any springtime activity, you also ensure that your feet look great.

4 Reasons Birkenstocks Remain Popular

Since the first pair of Birkenstocks appeared on the market in 1774, they’ve been a staple in many wardrobes. There are people who would not think of getting by without owning at least one pair. The enduring popularity of the brand is no fluke. In fact, there are some solid reasons why Birkenstocks thrive when so many other brands have fallen by the wayside. Here are a few reasons to ponder.


The Comfort Factor

Ask anyone who owns a pair of these shoes why they like them and comfort will be mentioned. People who have difficulty finding footwear that offers support and feels good at the same time often turn to this brand. Imagine what it would be like to stand all day and have to deal with the stress on your legs, ankles, and feet. Thanks to the way this brand fits the contours of the feet so well, a lot of the pressure is alleviated.
During the day, you will notice that your feet don’t seem to hurt and your legs don’t get as tired. That goes a long way toward making it easier to remain on your feet and get the job done. The fact that their feet don’t hurt at the end of the day endears them to the shoes and ensures they will always be in the market for one more pair.

Imitated But Never Matched

There is no doubt that many other manufacturers have attempting to duplicate the look and success of Birkenstock. So far, none of them have managed to undermine this brand to any great degree.
Some have tried to imitate the look and come close. Unfortunately, they rarely come close to providing the same level of comfort. Manufacturers who do manage to make their offerings comfortable don’t quite capture the design and support offered by Birkenstock.
Without a doubt, others will try. If the past is any indication, they may come up with close imitations but never anything that is better.

Remembering the Good Old Days

Many people buy their first pair of Birkenstocks early in life. That sets a pattern for all the years to come. Every time they slip on a pair, their minds are taken back to days past when things seemed to be so much simpler.
It’s not unusual for Birkenstocks to conjure up memories of the teenage years or the college years. Some may associate them with meeting a future spouse or wearing them for certain activities. Few brands have the power to trigger nostalgia the way Birkenstock can bring back the good old days.

Along with comfort and support, the fact that Birkenstock doesn’t use inferior materials is a huge plus. In an age when many things are considered disposable, having something that is dependable and lasts for years is a treat. The fact that they are easy to care for and will remain in great shape for decades makes them worth every penny.
If you have never tried a pair of Birkenstocks, now is the time to change that. Once you do, there will be no going back.