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In 1927, during a decade of tremendous cultural shifts andprogressive thinking, Brown Shoe launched a women’s footwear line with theradical idea of combining current fashion with comfort features. Naturalizerbecame one of the first shoe brands that women could turn to for feminine stylethey coveted and comfort they thought was impossible to attain. The recentsuffrage movement had provided women with new-found freedoms and, as hemlinesbecame shorter and shoes became the focus of fashion, Naturalizer symbolizedwhat modern women had achieved. Naturalizer honors the brand’s original promiseto deliver feminine, stylish, comfortable shoes in a manner that is relevant tothe busy lifestyle of today’s woman.

Backed by research from the Naturalizer “Style & Trend”experts, the Naturalizer line interprets the latest trends in ways ourcustomers want to wear them. Women will see the influence of current fashion,blended with the enduring style they’ve come to expect from Naturalizer.

Naturalizer was dubbed “the shoe with the beautiful fit” byadvertising guru Leo Burnett in the 1940s. Today’s Naturalizer shoes still havea beautiful fit, and are comfortable enough to wear throughout the day.



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