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Shoe Grey

by Glerups

These wool grey shoes are designed to envelope your feet in warm snug comfort. The Shoe Grey is made of natural wool and avoids unnecessary chemicals and uses only colours that are free of heavy metals and toxic dyes. Traditional felting craftsmanship and a sole of semi-vegetable tanned calfskin allows these slippers to adjust to your foot shape after just a few uses, making them more comfortable with each wear. These shoes are best worn sockless as the wool's breathable moisture-wicking properties ensure less perspiration and a natural odor-free environment while the unique felting process removes the itch of wool keeping feet in blissful warm comfort. Inside, a double layer felted wool insole provides cushioning and enhanced durability. A lightweight flexible leather outsole delivers secure traction and ensures no static electricity is generated when worn.

Wool is breathable - wear them with bare feet!

Wool is not only sweat-absorbent, but also breathable, naturally! Wool regulates the temperature on the skin, the same way in fact it would for the sheep in nature. This is why you can easily wear wool when you are active in the forest, on the beach or at home in the garden because it transports moisture away from the body. Of course, this also applies to the feet. Just be aware that wool works best on bare skin, which is why we recommend using your slippers with no socks. Bare feet are always best for Glerups!

Glerups are a natural product

Precisely because the wool is a natural product, very small vegetable fibers (grass or straw) may appear in the felt from time to time. Glerups chooses not to chemically strip the wool to prevent this from happening - they feel it also helps show how natural your footwear is! You may also experience color differences from production to production - this is also natural when working with 100% wool as Glerups choose to use non-toxic chemicals to dye our colors. Variation means you will get a pair unique to you!

Wool is temperature regulating
Many people use wool to keep warm, but in fact wool can also help keep the body cool. That's because wool absorbs moisture without feeling damp, up to 70% by weight by the way! - This significantly outperforms synthetic fibers or cotton. It is particularly advantageous in the summer when it is hot outside. This way no matter how much you perspire you can stay feeling dry and temperature regulated.

My Glerups are shedding, is that normal?

Yes, it is. Your glerups will typically shed for the first 3-5 weeks you wear them. They go through a “shedding” process, as the coarsest fibers work themselves out of the wool felt, much like the natural treatment they go through. This will disperse in a short while. If you find your slippers have started to shed, you just simply remove the woolen nappies and continue to use your Glerups quite normally. Feel free to vacuum your Glerups if you wish. 

How do I wash my Glerups?

Wool has the natural ability to clean itself and it is highly odour resistant. If you let your Glerups have some air and the occasional rest (it won’t be easy!), they will maintain their original freshness. Should you feel a wash is necessary, please wash by hand in warm, soapy water, using ordinary laundry detergent. Leave them in the water for 15 minutes, gently rub them clean, rinse and air dry. Put your feet into the moist shoes and pat them into shape then remove and allow them to dry naturally. Note: For a better result, vacuum before washing. Always dry your Glerups at room temperature—never dry with or by a heat source.


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