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Finn Comfort Flat Comfort Insole

by Finn Comfort

This anatomically shaped footbed is designed to provide optimal foot support and encourage a natural gait. Crafted from cork and latex for maximum shock-absorption, it also helps to reduce foot fatigue. An anatomically shaped heel cup supports the heel while the contoured footbed shape supports the medial, lateral and transverse (metatarsal) arches. A rich, natural suede lining is breathable, absorbs moisture and is organically tannned with pure vegetable dyes rendering it completely chrome and toxin free.

Have you ever returned home after a busy day and had to soak your feet? Many people do. It’s all because they’ve been on their feet all day and walking across concrete flooring or running from place to place over hard pavement. If only there was something that would absorb some of that stress, they could get through a day without their feet hurting.

There is a solution. Finn Comfort insoles are designed to provide more support and ease some of the stress that comes with being on your feet all day. The insoles will fit in most types of footwear and easily absorb the shock that comes with walking across hard surfaces or standing in one place for long periods of time. The shape of the Finn Comfort insoles also provides a more natural cushion for your feet. That goes a long way toward taking even more stress off your feet and lower legs.

Why suffer another minute? Buy a pair of Finn Comfort insoles and try them for a few days. It won’t take long to notice how much better your feet and lower legs feel. In fact, you’ll be back to buy a set of Finn Comfort insoles for every pair of shoes and boots that you own.

  • Lining suede rich natural, moisture absorbent, skin-friendly and organically tanned with vegetable dyes pure without chrome and toxins
  • Support for the medial, metatarsal, side arches and transverse
  • Cork Base and latex resilient and absorbent to shocks
  • Anatomical shape of the heel

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