Winter Walking, Hiking & Jogging Must Haves for Your Feet [infographic]


The New Year has arrived and that means taking steps to get in shape. If you are serious about becoming more active, it makes sense to invest in the right type of gear for your feet. That includes shoes that provide the support necessary for different activities. Here are some examples of what you need to find and place in your shopping cart now rather than later.

Something for those Invigorating Walks

Your plans do not include waiting until spring to start walking. One of the best choices you can make for winter walking is one of the designs offered by SAS shoes. You’ll find that all of the designs made for walking will provide the ideal amount of arch support. The padding will also help ease the stress on your ankles and lower legs. That in turn allows you to walk in comfort for greater distances and burn up more calories.

Kicking Things Up a Notch With Some Jogging

Along with those walks, adding jogging to your exercise regimen makes a lot of sense. Remember that jogging can be done outside, or you can make use of the indoor track found at the local health club. With either application, you want shoes that will help to absorb some of the pressure placed on each foot as you work on improving your form, breathing, and speed.

Many people find that New Balance shoes are perfect for jogging in just about any setting. The shoes allow your feet to breathe while still keeping them warm. The design helps to absorb a lot of the shock to your feet, ankles,and lower legs. Since they are so comfortable, you need not worry about developing sore spots on your toes, heels, and other areas. In fact, these jogging shoes will take you all the way through winter into the spring, and allow you to jog in comfort for the entire summer and into the autumn.

Something for Hiking

Along with plenty of evening walks and getting in some jogging, you want to set aside time to go hiking on the weekends. The shoes you use for walking along sidewalks will not do for this type of activity. Instead, it makes sense to take a look at what Keen shoes has to offer in the way of hiking boots and gear.


You’ll find that the liners are ideal for keeping your feet warm as you scale those hills and mountains. At the same time, the design of the boots will aid in keeping your balance as you make your way across what could be rocky terrain. The tough shell protects you from brambles and other hazards along the way.


You’ve started off past years with the best of intentions but ended up setting them aside. This year, make it your business to get outside, enjoy the invigorating cold air of a Canadian winter, and get yourself in shape. With the aid of the right type of footwear, you’ll enjoy excellent cardiovascular workouts, tone your legs and lower body, and increase your overall endurance. Find the right shoes now and get started. In a few months, you’ll wonder how you ever got through the day without enjoying a little exercise.