Top Selling New Balance Shoes This Season

With summer on the way, it’s time to think about new footwear. Since a lot of your weekend and holiday activities will be taking place outside, you need a brand that can provide something for just about any occasion. New Balance is that brand. Here are some suggestions from the top selling New Balance shoes for this season and why they are perfect for you.

Walking Shoes for Summer

You’ll be doing a lot of walking this summer. Along with your usual errands, summer is the time to get out and spend time at the lake, going to concerts with friends, and in general enjoying all sorts of open air activities. You may even decide this is the time to start including an evening walk in your routine. The right type of walking shoes will be a plus.

Consider designs like the New Balance Vazee Pace. This walking shoe is made using lightweight materials that feel good on your feet. While the materials weigh less, they are still durable. You will find that it’s possible to walk as much as you like without your feet feeling weighed down. At the same time, the choice of materials help to keep the feet properly supported. That’s important since you would rather not deal with sore leg muscles or cramps in the toes after a day of being around and about.

Something for Those With Foot Issues

Perhaps you have issues that require you to be extra careful when selecting summer footwear. Have you taken a look at the New Balance 928v3? This design sports a somewhat blocky style that provides a more casual look, but is still sporty enough to wear to Casual Fridays at work. Along with the nice look, you’ll find this particular design is great if you need to add an orthopedic insole to help with your particular foot issue. People who prefer low heel shoes like Josef Seibel Pippa or require special footwear due to diabetic neuropathy will also enjoy the feel, the support, and the look.

How About a Running Shoe?

Could you use something new for your morning or evening run? You need a shoe that’s flexible, provides excellent arch support, and has room for the toes to move freely. The logical answer is to invest in a pair of New Balance 910v4 running shoes.

These shoes are designed to move with your feet while still providing the balance and stability you need to make your way down a jogging path or a sidewalk. The cushioning protects your feet from the jarring that occurs during a run. Through it all, the shoes provide plenty of protection for your feet. There’s padding on the tongue that helps to prevent chafing and a collar that is also kind to the heel. Since the shoes are waterproof, you can still go for a run if a summer shower should appear out of nowhere. With versions in standard and wider widths, everyone can find something that’s just right.

These are only a few examples of what New Balance has to offer for the upcoming summer. Like other quality brands like Keen shoes, expect to see a few more designs appear in the weeks to come. Take a look today and get to know more about the brand. It won’t take long to find a pair that’s ideal for what you have in mind and be prepared to make the most of your summer.