Ladies, Looking for Good Walking Shoes? Rockport Has You Covered!

You already know that different shoe styles are needed for various occasions. What works fine in the office is not likely to be the best choice when you decide to start walking as part of your evening exercise regimen. What you need is a pair of walking shoes for the half-hour or so it takes to complete your power walk. If you have never considered the brand before, it pays to know that Rockport has a number of walking shoe options worth considering. Here are some of the features you will find helpful.

Ladies, Looking for Good Walking Shoes_ Rockport Has You Covered!

Excellent Arch Support

One of the features that are common with all designs for Rockport shoes for women is the amount of arch support found with each shoe. This support is important since the arches help to absorb the impact that takes place every time you take a step. Since your walk will usually take place on the paved track at the local park or possibly on the sidewalks around your neighborhood, it makes sense to invest in walking shoes that ease stress on the feet and lower legs. Less stress will translate into toning your legs and not having to deal with any soreness or pain when you settle into bed each night.

Cushioning for the Heel

Your heels also need support, specifically in the form of cushioning. There are many brands that offer ample padding for the feet, including such brands as Clarks womens shoes and Sorel shoes and boots. You will find that the cushioning Rockport designs for walking shoes to be just what your heels need. With the right fit, you don’t have to be concerned about any heel rubbing or aches that seem to emanate from the heel after a walk. The Derby Trainer and Trueflex lines offered by Rockport are two examples of walking shoes with plenty of padding for the heel.

Looking Great While You Walk

The main focus may be on the way the shoes offer support and protect your feet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look great. One of the things you’ll like about Rockport shoes is the way come in different styles and colors. Just like popular brands like Ecco shoes for women, you will find the Rockport lines include styles that fit in with your personal preferences. Along with styles that are ideal for warmer weather, there will be stylish walking boots that easily match any of the Sorel boots you have considered in the past. The fact that your feet look great while you are getting the exercise needed to stay healthy provides one more reason to go on those walks every evening.

If you have never spent time looking at the different shoe and boot options offered by Rockport, today is the day to do a little shopping. You will come across at least one or two pair that are perfect for your needs, fit comfortably, and offer the support you need to get into the habit of walking and loving every minute of your outings.

Summer Office Etiquette – is it Ever OK to Expose Your Toes?

As summer approaches, rising temperatures usually mean that the amount of clothing being worn will be reduced. While it may be perfectly acceptable to wear short sleeved shirts and skirts that bare a little leg from time to time, there are some important points to consider with regards to the types of shoes that should be worn during the warmer months.

#1 – Some Sandals may be Acceptable

When it comes to wearing sandals in the workplace, one of the first steps you should take is to brush up on company policy surrounding footwear – most corporations have one. Many corporate and more formal places of work will clearly stipulate that no casual sandals of any sort may be worn, especially if you wear a uniform. However, if your place of work has a more casual or laid-back approach to clothing and footwear, it may be permissible to wear a respectable-looking pair of sandals from the Ecco shoes for women range. To be considered formal, Clarks women’s shoes or sandals should not be made from foam or plastic, or be a ‘flip flop’ style.

#2 – Don’t Remove Sandals at the Office

Although your workplace may permit the wearing of Geox shoes in a sling-back or open-toed style, this doesn’t mean that you can slip them off at any time during the day. Regardless of whether your office is a formal or casual environment, it is never OK to remove your Rockport women’s shoes (or sandals) and go barefoot, as it is considered extremely unprofessional behavior.

#3 – Give those Toes some Attention

Many people forget that when they wear sandals in the office, they will be exposing their toes completely. While this is fine in cases where you have recently had a pedicure, you should certainly refrain from wearing any Clarks women’s shoes that have open toes or sandal styles if your toes and nails look as though they would have great success in snatching dinner out of the sky. If you are going to wear sandals regularly during summer, ensure that you have a pedicure performed at least every week to 10 days.

#4 – Keep Spare Shoes at the Office

Although your boss may have given the go-ahead for Geox shoes or sandals to be worn in the office during summer, it may be a good idea to keep a pair of closed shoes on hand. You never know when senior management from another branch might decide to pop in for a visit or insist on holding an impromptu meeting. In cases like these, a pair of Rockport women’s shoes can be a great option for stowing in your bottom desk drawer.

While you may have received the go-ahead from management to wear your favorite pair of sandals to the office during summer, it’s imperative that you exercise common sense in this regard. A general rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t wear a particular pair of sandals or Ecco shoes for women to a semi-formal event, they are probably not suitable to be worn at the office either.

Best Shoes for Amateur Fishing [infographic]

Best-Shoes-for-Amateur-FishingWhen it comes to outdoor events and hobbies, nothing is more important than a good-fitting, high-quality pair of shoes. Amateur fishing may seem like a leisure hobby, but keeping your feet warm and dry is not always easy. Here are some of the best shoes for Amateur fishing from five of the world’s most popular brands.

Cushe Shoes

If you want warmth, Cushe Shoes is one of the best brands out there. They offer several styles to suit your needs and preferences, too. The Allpine boot series boasts features like thermal fleece, waterproof suede uppers, and non-slip treads to keep you safe and secure during all of your fishing endeavors. They come in different lengths, too. Some hit the bottoms of your calves and others climb nearly to the bottoms of your knees for additional support, warmth, and water protection.

KEEN Shoes

Three different boots from KEEN Shoes are sure to fit all of your amateur fishing needs. The first, Targhee Mid D Earth, is a hiking boot designed for drier conditions when you need comfort and traction. It comes in various colors, too. The second, the Brixon boot, offers a taller upper and a waterproof design that is perfect for shallow wading or other conditions when keeping your feet dry is important. Finally, the Blackcomb Bison boot offers you rugged durability in a high-top hiking boot in a variety of colors.

New Balance Shoes

Although New Balance Shoes are famous for sneakers and running shoes, their boots provide the perfect balance between practicality and comfort for amateur fishing, too. Several designs for men and women alike give you support and flexibility with high-quality materials that will last for years. They provide you with extra traction on difficult terrain, particularly in muddy conditions.

Ecco Shoes

Ecco Shoes offers many different types of boots for almost any situation you can imagine, but the best for amateur fishing are the Darren and Howell series. They have the same rugged durability as your favorite pair of work boots, but they offer unparalleled comfort and a waterproof, durable design that will keep your feet dry for years to come. The above-ankle height gives you ample protection, and they come in various colors to suit your own personal style.

Merrell Shoes

Merrell Shoes makes a number of boots to suit any fishing conditions you can imagine. For instance, the Shiver pull-on makes it easy to swap shoes before and after your fishing endeavors, but it also keeps your foot warm and dry. The Turku boot gives you unprecedented stability when you need to traverse rough terrain, and the Polarand, another pull-on option, gives you a waterproof upper, insulated warmth, and a rubber toe for extra protection.

When choosing the best shoes for amateur fishing, it is important to consider not only the weather, but also your personal style and the type of terrain. Any of the aforementioned shoes can give you the benefits you need so you can concentrate on catching fish instead of the condition of your feet.

How to Keep Your Feet Warm and Look Stylish This Fall [infographic]


Whether you prefer the practicality of Ecco shoes or the simple comfort of Geox footwear, keeping your feet toasty and warm this fall should be a prime consideration. Fortunately, with the tips below, you can enjoy all of your favorite footwear without losing feeling in your toes.

Try a Fur-Lined or Insulated Boot


These days, shoe designers work hard to make sure their shoes are just as comfortable as they are beautiful. For this reason, you will find a number of fur-lined and insulated options this fall, all of which will protect your feet from the elements. Ecco shoes like the Trace style are always an amazing choice for fall and winter months, as are some of the choices from Timberland. Remember that the thicker the lining, the warmer your feet will be. Most designers account for size when adding the liners to the shoes, so order yours in your normal size.

Waterproof Materials


Nothing will freeze your feet faster than stepping in a puddle or going out on a rainy day with shoes that cannot keep the water out. Clarks shoes come in many different waterproof styles, including the traditional Derby boot with a waterproof oiled suede outer and a rubber sole. It comes in four different colors, too, so it will fit nicely with just about any outfit. The D Rep style from Geox Footwear offers the best of both worlds with its waterproof, insulated design. In short, you want to look for a boot or shoe that keeps water out while keeping your body heat close.

Invest in Great Boot Socks

If you have a favorite designer or boot style but it provides very little warmth, you may be able to boost your comfort somewhat with a great pair of boot socks. These are usually thicker and taller than average socks, thereby covering your foot and calf entirely to keep you warm. They come in a variety of knitted materials, and while the most popular are cotton blends, you can find them in wool, mohair, and even synthetic blends.

Try Toe Warmers

If your feet are always cold regardless of your sock and shoe choice, then toe warmers can provide a lot of relief, especially when the temperature is low. To use them, just shake them up and put them under your toes inside of your boots or shoes. This way, you can continue to wear all of your favorite shoes and styles without your toes freezing inside of them.

Liner Socks

Finally, another option you can try is liner socks. These are thin, tight-fitting socks with individual pockets for each toe, and you put them on underneath of your everyday socks for an added layer of warmth. Not everyone can wear them as the pocketed toes feel uncomfortable to some, but if you can make it work, then these might just be the boost you need to keep your feet warm all throughout the fall season.

Keeping your feet warm and dry this fall starts with choosing the right footwear. Ecco shoes, Geox footwear, and Clarks shoes all offer some outstanding warm and waterproof styles from which to choose. Adding things like toe warmers, liner socks, and wool boot socks can take things to the next level.

Best Shoes for Active & Adventurous Vacation

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to plan a vacation that centers on outdoor activity and adventure. When planning an active and adventurous vacation, don’t forget to add the right pair of shoes to your packing list. In case you are having trouble deciding on the right shoes, we’d like to offer some advice that will help you make your selection.

New Balance Shoes


For any vacation that includes hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing or camping, providing comfort and protection for your feet is a must. Fortunately, the shoes offered by New Balance will do both, while also being incredibly stylish. Made from breathable fibers, you can easily wear these shoes for an extended period of time without having your feet become soaked with sweat. Their tough rubber sole provides adequate cushioning for tender feet, while the flexible upper and sides allow for easy movement wherever your travels take you.

Timberland Shoes


Your adventurous vacation could easily involve a visit to the beach, in which case shoes from the Timberland collection are ideal. While the Timberland shoes we offer for sale are all sandals, they nonetheless are ideal for performing activities such as beachcombing or wading along the shore. They contain a thicker sole that will prevent you from feeling rocks and pebbles underneath your feet. At the same time, their open-toe design will allow you to enjoy the feel of sand or spray of salt water. They are also easy to remove should you decide it’s time to just dive on in the water.

Ecco Shoes


When boating, you may desire shoes that are flexible enough to bend with your feet to make getting in and out of the vessel easier. If so, you’ll want to invest in a pair of Cruise Catalina Moon, Yucatan Port, or Jab 2 Strap Moon Roc shoes. These shoes all have soles that naturally conform to the configuration of your natural foot and easily grip them to provide adequate support. Their comfortable upper straps can easily be adjusted for your own comfort as well. While these shoes do have flexible soles, they are nonetheless somewhat thicker than other types of sandals, meaning they’ll provide incredible protection for your feet as well.

Rockport Shoes


Rockport offers a collection of full leather sneakers that will cushion and support your feet throughout a hard day of golfing, tennis, biking or other strenuous activity. An added bonus is the fact that these shoes also come in a variety of colors, making them a bit more stylish than a traditional athletic shoe. Their XCS T Toe and Zanya Wingtip shoes are a perfect example, being available in both black and red. For something a bit more casual, you may desire a WT Oxford, which can be found in white, black and biscotti.

Don’t wait until it’s time to head out to go shopping for shoes. Now is the time to begin looking for ones that will help you make the most out of your adventurous vacation.