Summer Office Etiquette – is it Ever OK to Expose Your Toes?

As summer approaches, rising temperatures usually mean that the amount of clothing being worn will be reduced. While it may be perfectly acceptable to wear short sleeved shirts and skirts that bare a little leg from time to time, there are some important points to consider with regards to the types of shoes that should be worn during the warmer months.

#1 – Some Sandals may be Acceptable

When it comes to wearing sandals in the workplace, one of the first steps you should take is to brush up on company policy surrounding footwear – most corporations have one. Many corporate and more formal places of work will clearly stipulate that no casual sandals of any sort may be worn, especially if you wear a uniform. However, if your place of work has a more casual or laid-back approach to clothing and footwear, it may be permissible to wear a respectable-looking pair of sandals from the Ecco shoes for women range. To be considered formal, Clarks women’s shoes or sandals should not be made from foam or plastic, or be a ‘flip flop’ style.

#2 – Don’t Remove Sandals at the Office

Although your workplace may permit the wearing of Geox shoes in a sling-back or open-toed style, this doesn’t mean that you can slip them off at any time during the day. Regardless of whether your office is a formal or casual environment, it is never OK to remove your Rockport women’s shoes (or sandals) and go barefoot, as it is considered extremely unprofessional behavior.

#3 – Give those Toes some Attention

Many people forget that when they wear sandals in the office, they will be exposing their toes completely. While this is fine in cases where you have recently had a pedicure, you should certainly refrain from wearing any Clarks women’s shoes that have open toes or sandal styles if your toes and nails look as though they would have great success in snatching dinner out of the sky. If you are going to wear sandals regularly during summer, ensure that you have a pedicure performed at least every week to 10 days.

#4 – Keep Spare Shoes at the Office

Although your boss may have given the go-ahead for Geox shoes or sandals to be worn in the office during summer, it may be a good idea to keep a pair of closed shoes on hand. You never know when senior management from another branch might decide to pop in for a visit or insist on holding an impromptu meeting. In cases like these, a pair of Rockport women’s shoes can be a great option for stowing in your bottom desk drawer.

While you may have received the go-ahead from management to wear your favorite pair of sandals to the office during summer, it’s imperative that you exercise common sense in this regard. A general rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t wear a particular pair of sandals or Ecco shoes for women to a semi-formal event, they are probably not suitable to be worn at the office either.