Latest Fashion Trends from Clarks Shoes

Summer’s here and the time is right for all sorts of warm weather activities. That calls for buying new footwear that you can use now and that will also take you into the autumn. You can’t go wrong by taking a look at the latest fashion trends from clarks shoes. Along with style and quality, you also get beautiful footwear that’s practical in several different settings. Here are a few suggestions on what to add to your wardrobe.

Something for the Office

New footwear for the workplace is always a good investment. You’ll find plenty of Clarks shoes for men and women that are ideal for the office. The Un Elott line for men is particularly popular this season. There are lace-up as well as slip-on options, so you can find something that’s sure to work well with whatever type of attire is appropriate for the office. Along with basic black, you can go with a colour that’s fine for business casual settings. Take a look at the tan for less formal settings and the varying tones of black when you need to be a little more dressy.

Women will find the Calla line appealing for the workplace. The Rose Cream Pat is a versatile and classic heel with a pointe toe. The design works well with all sorts of office attire. For a more casual setting, consider something like the Maritsa Lara in olive or navy.

Casual Styles for Evenings and Weekends

When work’s done, you want footwear that’s comfortable and also a lot of fun. Clarks sandals are a great way to go when the weather’s warm. The Un Trek Part Tan is a sandal many men will enjoy wearing with shorts or a swimsuit if you are headed to the lake. Women will like the Un Haven Cove Tan for everything from walking along the lakeside to being comfortable while spending a Saturday spending the day at the park with friends. These and other sandal options can be found at the Clarks shoes outlet nearest you or online.

Footwear That Takes You From the Job Into the Evening

You like to meet friends after work, but schedules are tight and there’s no time to change. The good thing is that there are plenty of Clarks boots and shoes you can wear at the office and still be comfortable while you enjoy dinner or drinks with your friends. Take a look at the Maypearl line for women and see what you think. The basic colours work well if  your work outfits are mainly pantsuits.

Men will find that the Clarkdale line works well for business casual settings and will also be great for hanging out with friends after work. The colours are basic enough to work even if your place of employment leans more toward casual attire and you tend to wear jeans during the day.

Classy and a Little Sassy When You Want to Dress Up

While you may need something conservative for the workplace, there are times when you need to dress up but would like to wear shoes that have a little more spark. One solution this season is to invest in a pair of the Calla Lily Black Sue design. With an elegant heel paired with the ankle clasp and the open sides, you have a shoe that’s perfect for a formal evening out and will certainly please the eye.

Now is a great time to check out a Clarks shoes sale and see what you can find. There’s no better way to save money and still enjoy quality footwear than to attend a Clarks shoes clearance at a local outlet or online. You’ll quickly see what Clarks has been in business for almost two centuries.