Choosing the Perfect Shoes for Casual Day at the Office

The boss just announced that every Friday will be a casual dress day. While you have several outfits that fit right in with the relaxed dress code, footwear is another matter. Most of the things you own strike you as being a little too casual for the office. The good news is that the right pair of shoes won’t be hard to find. Here are some of the qualities that you want in that new pair, and any others you buy to wear on all future Casual Days.

Choosing the Perfect Shoes

Dressy But Casual Style

It can be hard to find the perfect balance between footwear that’s fun and also professional. Many people refer to this style as dressy casual. Basically, it means the shoes do have a more relaxed look than what is normally required with business attire. At the same time, they are more formal than what you would usually wear to the park.

As you look at different styles, consider how they will look with the outfits you plan on wearing. If the guidelines for clothing allow you to wear jeans, consider blundstone 1306 and other type of leather or other material would look great with the denim. You also want to choose a style that seems to fit in with any type of casual shirt you choose to wear with those jeans. Something with a closed toe may be the best bet if you are planning on wearing a casual button-down shirt with the jeans, while an open toe design will work well if you are going with something simple like a golf shirt.

Color That Works With Your Business Casual Attire

Colors also matter when you are choosing something to go with your business casual attire. Maybe you opted for boots and want a more or less seamless look. Assuming you will be wearing a pair of black denim jeans, going with black for the boots makes sense.

Maybe you want your footwear to pick up the colors of the shirts or tops you wear. If red happens to be your favorite color and many of the tops are solid red or include red in the pattern, a pair of red sandals, slip-ons, or boots will be a great match. You may even want to complete the look by picking up a belt that is the same shade as your shoes.

Plenty of Cushioning

While it is Casual Day, there is still plenty of work to do. That means getting up and down from your desk a lot, hurrying to meetings in the conference room, and stopping by a colleague’s office to ask a quick question. You may also need to run a few business-related errands before the day is over.

Make sure the cushioning in your new Blundstone Rustic Black shoes provide the support you need for all that activity. You can’t go wrong with a choice like the Gandia by Pikolinos. Proper padding eases the stress on your feet and the lower legs. Even after eight hours on the job, your feet won’t feel tired and there will be no aching in the ankles and lower legs. In fact, you will feel great as you leave the office and head out to meet friends for dinner.

Are you ready for Casual Day at work? Do you need to pick up something new that will strike that perfect balance between looking like a professional and still being ideal for a less formal setting? Visit Walking on a Cloud today and check out the Pikilinos designs they offer. You will find at least a couple of pairs that are ideal for wearing at the office and retaining a look that’s impressive.