3 Style Elements to Consider for Your New Office Footwear

One look in the closet is all it takes to decide you need a new pair of shoes for the office. The question is what style would work best? As you consider different styles, make sure you address these three basic elements before buying anything. Keeping these factors in mind will ensure you make the right choice.


What is considered proper attire in your office? Some employers prefer that employees wear colors that are more subdued, like navy blue, black, or a deep brown. Others are fine with a wider range of colors, provided the clothing is suitable for meeting with a client. The same guidelines that you use for selecting your clothing can also be used to choose the right color for your new shoes. The Blundstone Rustic Brown are quite acceptable for your office style.

Remember that basic black works well in just about any business setting. If you happen to wear a lot of blue, opting for a matching shade of that color is a good idea. The goal is to choose a color that is versatile enough to wear with several different outfits. That’s especially important if you sometimes attend trade shows or call on clients.

Cushioning and Support

How much time do you spend on your feet each work day? If you are like most people, more than you realize. Walking across hardwood floors or thin carpeting does place pressure on your feet and lower legs. By making sure the footwear you purchase provides cushioning for the heels and support for the arches, you avoid muscle cramps and other issues. You’ll find that sticking with a quality pair of Pikolinos shoes will provide the cushioning and the support you need.

Lower or Higher Heel?

How do you feel about heels? Some prefer lower ones while others like the look that higher heels provide. Consider the type of attire you wear at work. You may find that if you wear slacks more often, lower heels are fine. Women who wear dresses to work may prefer the way that a higher heel adds like Pikolinos Verona to the overall appearance.

Remember that the focus should be on styles that offer practical qualities as well as great looks. Spend time comparing the merits of several different styles, but make sure they have these three features. In the long run, you will love the way they look on your feet and find the comfort and support makes it easier to feel energetic and fresh even after a long day at the office.