3 Reasons You Only Want Footwear With Adequate Arch Support

Most people pay more attention to the style and color when they look for new shoes. As long as they like those properties and the shoes seem to fit, they are happy. There’s one more aspect that you should consider before grabbing the shoes and heading to the register: that’s the amount of arch support the shoes provide. Here are three reasons you want to make sure the level of support is adequate.

Better Balance

Did you know that proper arch support allows you to enjoy better balance? By keeping the arch in a natural position, it’s easier to walk without lurching to one side. If someone bumps into you, shoes with reasonable support make it easier to remain upright. It may seem like a small thing, but that little extra bit of help balancing will make your day go better.

Avoid Stress Injuries

Shoes with little to no arch support place additional stress on tendons, muscles, and even the bones in your feet and ankles. Over time, what may seem like a minor annoyance will become an ongoing problem. Choosing to save a few dollars and wear those kinds of shoes anyway could lead to needing help from a podiatrist.

Instead of being out and having fun, you may end up in an exam room having a discussion about why you developed heel spurs or what the podiatrist means by plantar fasciitis. If the idea of dealing with stress injuries holds no appeal, focus the search for new footwear on brands like Rieker shoes. The support will be there, along with the style and comfort you want.

Absorb Shock to the Feet, Ankles, and Lower Legs

Proper arch support does more than reduce the risk of chronic foot problems and help with your balance. When paired with adequate cushioning, that support absorbs a lot of the typical shock generated by walking across hard surfaces. The result is that your feet, ankles, and lower legs are less likely to feel tired or sore at the end of the day. Since pain in the extremities can interfere with the quality of your sleep, it makes sense to choose footwear that prevents the discomfort from developing.

If you need new shoes, start looking today. When you find a pair that seems right, determine if the design does include a reasonable amount of arch support. In the long run, you will do your feet and your legs a favor.