3 Accessories You Need to Go With Your New Rieker Shoes

New Rieker shoes, boots, or sandals are great, but have you thought about buying something new to go with them? There are all sorts of accessories that are practical or help visually connect the footwear with the rest of your outfit. Here are three basics that you should purchase along with those new shoes.


Socks are a must with many types of footwear. You certainly need them if you are wearing dress shoes. Investing in a pair that covers the lower leg provides additional support and tends to prevent the socks from drooping and puddling around the top of the shoe.

If you are wearing casual shoes like sneakers, ankle socks are a good choice. They protect the feet look stylish. When the plan is to invest in a new pair of Rieker shoes, you will want thicker socks that add to the cushioning and allow your feet to breathe properly.


While it may seem to be old school, there is a reason why people tend to coordinate belts with footwear. The belt can help visually connect the shoes or boots with the rest of the outfit. It also helps to add some general flair to whatever you are wearing. The nice thing about belts is that the styles range from something basic to designs that include all sorts of ornamentation. You can go with one that is as fun or as simple as you like. As long as the basic color matches your Rieker footwear, you are good to go.

Ankle Bracelets

You love those new sandals, but they could use a little something to make them more of your own personal fashion statement. The thing is that you don’t necessarily want to make the same statement every time you wear them. Instead of looking for accessories to attach directly to the sandal straps, why not buy a few different ankle bracelets?

Just like bracelets for your wrists, ankle bracelets can be in bold or subdued colors. They can be chunky or petite. They can come with jewels or made using materials like leather or suede. Choose two or three that are different and there will always be something that matches your current mood.

Take a look at your new Rieker shoes and decide what accessories would work for you. Try a couple and see what you think. It won’t be long until you come up with a few more ideas that make wearing those new shoes, boots, or sandals even more fun.