2 Reasons Why You Need a Pair of Black Dress Shoes

Having the right elements in your wardrobe makes it easier to be prepared for just about any occasion. Men often have a black suit tucked away for business and other occasions. Women also usually have a basic black dress that can be accessorized for all sorts of occasions. Did you know that a pair of basic black dress shoes is just as important to own? Here are three reasons why they are something everyone should own.

Black Works With More Colors

Think of the colors you usually wear to work. Now consider the colors you would wear on a date, to a more formal party, or an event like an afternoon garden wedding. Would you have a pair of shoes that are the same color as most of those outfits? If you are like many people, the answer is no.

The thing to remember is that black dress shoes are the perfect default with many other colors. Men can wear them with dark blue suits, black sportcoats paired with tan or olive slacks, and of course with black suits. Women will find that the right pair of black Josef Seibel Fiona dress shoes work with darker colors and also fit in nicely with red and some of the brighter colors. Add in some other accessories that visually associate the shoes to the rest of the outfit and you will look great.

Black Doesn’t Distract

Even as the black Josef Seibel Bonnie dress shoes fit in with what you are wearing, they don’t call a lot of attention to your feet. That’s important when you want the attention to be directed elsewhere. Perhaps you would prefer that people notice your new jacket first, or draw closer because they like the new hairstyle or shirt you are wearing. When you want footwear that is appropriate and allows other elements of your appearance to shine, black is definitely the way to go.

Are you lacking a nice pair of black dress shoes? Do you own a pair, but they are beginning to look a little worn? Now is the time to check out Romika shoes in black and find a dress shoe style that’s right for you. Along with the versatility, you will also own a pair of shoes that’s made using the finest materials and will hold up well for a long time.